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How to control Hair Loss?

Dear Reader

A very Good Day to you. Thank You for reading my blog. Through my blog you would have known that I am a sufferer of hair loss. If you have not read to the very first posts of the blog, I will just tell you upfront when I start to experience hair loss. Okay, here is the year: year 2006! Ever since year 2006, I have been experiencing hair loss and you can easily count how many years since then that I have been experiencing hair loss and with that you must be thinking right now, am I already bald?

My answer to the above is that No, I am not bald though my hair is already pretty much quite thinned out but not to the extent that it is very visible to everyone that I am balding. My hair is such that I can STILL comb a “side-parting” though the hair line is starting to get visible (I mean the hairline is starting to widen) but the hair loss is still not that easily observed by others.

I am not sure about you, but the fact that you are reading this article or this blog shows that you are experiencing some forms of hair loss, be in receding scalp, thinning hair or if you are a female, frontal female hair loss. And with so many over-the-counter anti-hair loss treatments and solutions on the market, I believe you have most likely bought some anti-hair loss shampoos or lotions, been to some hair loss treatment centres and have tried to adopt some personal techniques like scalp massages, eating more nutritional foods, sleeping early, etc and etc.

If you are saying yes to most of the above, you should not be surprised how come I know all these: for I have been through the journey that you have been as you should know that it is true through reading so many pages of this blog.

To recap my battle against hair loss: I have bought and used (most of which are in vain) PRACTICALLY ALL anti-hair loss shampoos and lotions in the markets; been to a hair dermatologist back in year 2006 to extract a piece of my scalp (it was painful!) for diagnosis, been on Propecia before and almost nearly tried to buy Minoxidil (pardon me if I spell it wrongly) and even went to buy different kinds of shampoos when I was on holidays in Hokkaido, Thailand and Switzerland.

I have even been to hair treatment salons and besides having my scalp extracted as mentioned above, I have experienced electricity doses being delivered to my scalp (as part of the treatment) there. You see, I have spent a lot of time and money on treating my hair loss and I am not sure how correct to say that I could have done almost or even more things than you to combat hair loss.

I am not sure about your thinking on what could constitute a victory against hair loss. But as far as I am concerned, as far as I can speak from my wealth and years of combating hair loss, I would think that once hair loss occurs to a person, to get back that same thick “crowning glory” before hair loss is very difficult, and hence I can say that a person suffering from thinning hair or hair loss should aim to achieve control (the reduction of further hair loss) and if possible regrowth of hair (it is possible for early stages of hair loss) rather than to think or attempt to restore the same thickness of hair back before hair loss. And looking at my crown now, though it is thinner than it was in year 2006, I could say that I managed to achieve some degrees of success combating hair loss else I would have become bald right now. I mean I think from my experience, I managed to regrow some hairs and control the falling of other hairs.

If you are reading for a cure to stop hair loss completely, read no further but if you are interested at how you could at least control your hair loss and possibly regrow your hair and stop spending your hard earned monies on hair loss treatments, shampoos or lotions that simply do not work, and you want to hear my sharing, then read on.

Having been through so much of my hair loss journey, a simple explanation that I have on why all the hair loss “cures” you have invested in do not work is this: each and every scalp is unique and hence to combat hair loss, the success lies in understanding what your scalp is like and applying the correct hair loss treatments. And that is it, the answer to combating hair loss (I mean at least reducing your hair fall and possibly regrow your hair if your hair loss is in its early stages).

So how do we understand what our scalp is like? My simple answer is to beef up on hair loss knowledge. I mean most of us do not go to school to learn about hair, do we? Hence once we experience hair loss, instead of going to the market and simply grab any hair loss shampoo, we should instead read up as much as possible about hair and hair loss.

With the advent of the internet, one could just browse through the various webpages for information; but I have gone further one step beyond that. I mean like everything, to learn something, it is faster to learn from those who have been there before and achieved the thing that you are trying to achieve. So it can be useful to learn from the experience of hair loss sufferers.

There are valuable resources in the library and there are also valuable resources on the internet which may not be that commonly “found”. For the comprehensiveness of this post and for the benefits of you readers, I attached two such links to two e-books which are not commonly “found” in the internet as follows:

(a)  Hair Loss No More

(b) Unravel the mysteries of female hair loss

Books like above and more are what I have been reading along with my own research into products even since the commencement of my hair loss (read my first post and note the date of that post- note that it really takes quite a while for me to start sharing my hair loss experience after hair loss on this blog!).

I know that on the internet, there are really really many many claims about hair loss cures and some of you might even have tried using it but found that they are not effective. Hence really, after coming so far in my hair loss journey, I think the Best tip I will give for all hair loss sufferers is this:

(a) Understand your scalp

(b) Use the right products for your scalp

(c) Adopt the "Best practices" for your scalp

On the above two recommended books, please note that I have put these two books up on this page and on the side bar of my blog just to give interested hair loss sufferers a possible avenue of getting to the knowledge outside of many claims in the internet but instead came from people who have experienced/researched hair loss that may help them in their hair loss. You can decide whether or not to buy the above books. This post or blog is not a sales pitch too as you can see that it is not written as such.

In the event that you would like to buy the books, and are  wondering you can control your hair loss by buying and reading the e-books, I can give you no guarantee as my stand is always this: each person’s scalp is unique. But what I think is that there could be one or two nuggets of useful tips you can pick up from the book and hence I list these two books in this post as well. These two books are also hosted on Clickbank, an experienced and reputable online retailer.

I wish you All the Best in your combat against hair loss! Thank You for reading my lengthy post and I hope you have picked up some useful tips from me, a "veteran" hair-loss fighter.

Warmest Regards

Founder & Chairman of Hair Loss Singapore


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