Friday, September 26, 2008


If you have been using some anti- hair loss shampoos or products and you are not getting the results you want, or worse, you are dropping off more hair than you used to before the use of the product, its time to consider to stop the use of the shampoo or product for the time being, say for a week or two.

During this period, check that whether without the use of the anti-hair loss product, you are losing lesser hair, or losing the same amount of hair………if you do, it may mean that the hair product you are using is not doing much improvement for your hair.

For hair sufferers like us, we tend to grab any hair product that is touted to be a miracle for hair loss…but in the advertising world, all products are lauded to be miracle cures…our initial anticipation and hopes become dashed as we flit from one product to another without seeing any results.

Thus before you flit to yet another product, why not REST your scalp without any chemicals for the time being and ascertain the result?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

My self-esteem took a beating today as I tried to comb my hair.

Where in the past, the comb would touch on my layers of hair, this time round, it touched on my scalp directly.

My hair line became wider and obviously it was thinning as portions of scalp showed!

A lot of hair were lost (around 20 to 30) everytime I shampoo my hair and I forsee I would really become ‘botak’ in a matter of months.

I have tried and experimented with many shampoos, treatments, drugs and lotions, choosing a better diet, eating more hair-healthy food, but all these are not able to stem my hair from falling.

I seem to be fighting a losing battle against hair loss. It has already been two years since my hair first fell … and the longer the battle, the thinner is my hair!

I have tried all sorts of shampoos, all claiming to be of help to stem the fall of hair, some were organic, others were lauded and advertised to heal hair loss… but all these products are not able to help stem the perennial fall of hair on my scalp!

I know now why some youngsters style their hair upwards….its done to create more shape and volume. With thinning hair, its almost become impossible to apply gel and comb the hair nicely….in fact gel will cause more harm to the scalp and styling and combing the usual way will only make your hair loss more obviously.

But on some occasions, balding men do still need to gel their hair else they will appear lifeless. But gelling with a side parting or centre parting when there is no more hair? Its not possible and the hair will only appear thinner.

That’s why for a significant portion of people especially, they will just as well make whatever strands of hair they have, gel them vertically up to create an ‘illusion of volume’ and a more hippier look.

For my current status, (hair loss status of course, not eligibility (married or single) status), my hair still falls, no improvement at all. Occasionally, if I have the time, would do some slight scalp massage….. what I found that despites doing regular scalp massage for the past few months, my hair loss situation has not improved.

I have also gave up my application of a hair tonic before sleeping as it does not work to what I have expected. In fact, I found lesser strands of hair on my pillow and floor upon waking up if I go to bed without applying the lotion.

Besides hair loss, my scalp gets oily easily and dandruff easily forms on my scalp. On every washing or shampooing of hair, I try to rub and wash my scalp a little more thoroughly (though more strands of hair hence fall as a result)… I always close my eyes after every wash of hair…. trying to evade the scene of seeing the dozens of fallen strands of hair at the floor sink. But I had to open my eyes to face the truth, and when I do open, I am always shocked to see a clump of fallen hair at the toilet sink. But its also not surprising anymore as used to it…..but I am always expecting a miracle to see lesser strands of fallen hair.

I can no more see the fringes of my hair….I also feel lighter with a smaller mass of hair on my head……..I fear wind, breezes……..and I feel that running, a favorite sports of mine could kill the remaining of my hair (the ‘running wind’).

I have tried this and that….should I be resigned to my fate? Of course not, I will still carry on with my fight against hair loss, fighting a cure that could work for me and writing, sharing with all you readers here on this blog.

One point I must emphasize is different products work differently for different people. What works for one may not work for others. But what works for one MAY ALSO work for others, at least a chance to work rather than having others spend time and money jumping from one product to another, while the follicles keep dying by the dozens!

It is with the above paragraph in mind that I STRONGLY URGE you to share your hair loss battles with all of us, hair loss sufferers. You can share what do not work for you too and share your experiences with this product which do not work miracles for readers’ reference and information.

Thus contribute now! A minute more, a dozen more follicles will die off! Conversely, the earlier we find cures, the better the chance of retaining most part of our hair!

Email me now!

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biolyn

I am thinking of trying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biolyn as I have not tried them before.

For hair loss sufferers like us, every try comes with high expectations. And shall that expectation fails you, it is another sadness, another waste of time, money and efforts.

And for some unlucky folks, their scalps and hairfall could even aggravate!

Apple cider vinegar

The pH of apple cider vinegar is on the low side being acidic.

The pH of our scalp is acidic in nature as well.

We have always subjected our scalp to tough shampoos which are alkaline, these have stripped the nature pH of our scalp, thus more and more of the people are having hair problems.

Apple cider vinegar can be explored for your use to treat your hair problems. There are oodles of articles on the internet about its use in hair loss cures.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Apple Cider Vinegar

I just bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar and has tasted it: its like a bitter wine!

After seeing on the net the miracles of washing and cleaning the hair with apple cider vinegar, I am tempted to try this organic treatment.

Will be updating my blog on this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wet Hair

One of the worst hair care habits is to go to bed with your hair wet.

Sometimes, this cannot be avoidable especially when we come home late after a tired day at work.

Sleeping with wet hair, I personally find the hair strands on the pillow and bed more after waking up!

This could be due to easy breakage of wet hair.

Not to mention the accumulation of more dust, dirt and oil with increased moisture of the hair.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two schools of thought

There are generally two schools of thought to combat against hair loss.

Scientific proven methods: to reduce formation of DHT via finasteride and minoxidil to apply to the scalp for nourishing of follicles.

The second school of thought would be via herbal treatment for the conditioning and nourishment of hair follicles, the roots of hair.

There are scores of such herbal hair care centres around in Singapore. The common treatment procedure in a visit to the herbal hair care centre is routine: application of herbs onto the customer’s scalp followed by steaming for the follicles to absorb the herbs, followed by final washing and shampooing.

Basically, I am currently following a herbal, organic approach plus massaging of scalp. Will update my progress regularly here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Washing hair or washing scalp?

Hair loss sufferers would agree with me that the common term ‘Washing hair’ is a misleading one.

Clean scalp hygiene is one of the pillars to good hair health. And when we wash hair, we should be washing our scalp instead (and not the hairs!), clearing and freeing it of oil, dirt and dust, which clog out invaluable hair follicles.

Many people discuss about the frequency of washing hair, others discuss about the proper timings to wash different kinds of hair. While the abovementioned factors are important for good hair growth, another factor which I must stress is the proper technique to wash hair.

Barred to participate due to Finasteride

Ahmet Coskun, a German wheelchair basketballer, was tested positive for finasteride after a pre-competition urine test on August 23. Subsequently, he was kicked out of the event in the Beijing Paralympics
It was reported that although finasteride does not enhance performance, it can be used to cover up drugs that do.
"I was thinking about my hair and had no idea that the drug, which is against hair loss, contained a banned substance. I'm very upset. I never intended to do doping," Coskun said, according to the reports.
Personally, I do not know whether Coskun’s real use of finasteride: to treat his balding problem or to use it as a dope.
What I can say is all drugs can have effects, which we know and do not know. Some drugs while able to treat one problem can lead to another.
Thus be prudent when you start any form of medication.

Finasteride & Minoxidil

The two scientifically-proven drugs for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) are Finasteride (oral medication) and Minoxidil (topical lotion to be applied to the scalp directly).
Finasteride is marketed as Proscar, Propecia, Fincar, Finpecia, Finax, Finast, Finara, Finalo, Prosteride, Gefina, Finasterid IVAX, Finasterid Alternova. The more common forms here: Propecia and Proscar have slight differences in strength: Propecia has 1 mg of finasteride, while Proscar has 5 mg per tablet. It is common to procure Proscar and divide the tablets into 4 equal quarters to consume in lieu of consuming 1 tablet of Propecia.

Finasteride works to lower the amount of a male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, that can be found in your bloodstream and also in the skin near your scalp. DHT reduces the size of hair follicles in the scalp. By reducing the concentration of DHT, you can stop the balding in its tracks. In addition, you may be able to regain some of the hair that you lost.

Women of child bearing age should not use this drug due to the severely damaging effects it can have on unborn male fetuses.

Minoxidil is marketed and packaged differently as Regaine and Rogaine, which are exactly the same product (5% Minoxidil). Minoxidil works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to your hair follicles, helping to strengthen existing hair and stimulate secondary growth. This process produces thicker, longer, more-visible hair.

There is another brand of hair loss control shampoo called Pregaine. As you can see, the terminology of hair loss control drugs and shampoos is mind-boggling!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility

With Corporate Social Responsibility being the buzzword in today’s lexicon of business’s language, since the commencement of my hair fall, I have also started to practice Corporate Social Responsibility by clearing the tons of hair I drop everyday (clearing my own mess).

It is disgusting to note the hundreds of hair swept and in the early stages of hair loss, I have counted every strand of fallen hair which I could count but as time passes, I discontinued the practice as it’s a waste of time. (we already lost hair, why further lose time?)


Anyone can relate the frequency of exercising with that of hair loss?

Personally, I find exercising should be good for the scalp as it circulates the blood in the body and towards the scalp.

However, the scalp becomes oily and dirty after exercise and this may prompt more hair loss too.

Overall, I believe moderation is the key to exercising and one should clean the scalp promptly after every exercise session.

What are your views?

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is believed to be caused by the 5a-reductase type I enzyme, which converts testosterone to DHT, responsible for the premature death of hair, by shrinking hair follicles until they no longer produce visible hair and thus ultimately causing hair loss. Eunuchs can never be bald as they no (longer) produce testosterone.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is the scientific name given to the condition of balding when hair is lost from certain places of the body usually from the scalp.

Fruit and organic shampoos

I do not know whether companies are riding on a ‘balding bandwagon’ to introduce to the market a vast array of fruit and organic shampoos: apple, ginger, green tea, orange, wild berry… …

One caveat of choosing the above shampoos is to determine for yourself whether these shampoos really could work for you. A study of the ingredients in the shampoo could be useful.

Do not just buy a new organic shampoo because it is from a reputed brand or it has been endorsed by some popular artistes…. not all shampoos work fine for all.

Chocolate shampoos, ice-cream shampoos on the card soon?


Naturally regrow HairHair Growth Secrets

Keeping your hair for your loved ones

Nobody wants to lose hair, same for me.

Keeping and saving my hair during hair loss is not only for me to look good and confident, its also for my loved ones.

I want to look good for them because I love them. Regardless whether they say they mind or not, I still want to look good for them for this reason.

It does make a difference when we go out with our loved ones and meet someone on the streets or your friends and relatives who ask us or our loved ones what has happened to us. Or they may stare openly in a manner at us, words needless be told.

Some psychological stress will be inevitably caused by others’ inconsiderate questioning or actions to our loved ones due to our balding because of general hard-to-erased social perceptions. This is the world of the majority. I do not want my loved ones to suffer unnecessary mental stress, thus I am keeping my hair not only for me, but also for them.

Green Tea shampoo / Green Tea

Of late, people have espoused green tea and green tea shampoo to fight off hair loss.
Their beliefs are that tea contains antioxidants and vitamins, which can protect the scalp from infections as well as nourish the hair with vital nutrients. They propose drinking green tea regularly to have great hair.
It is believed that the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase is inhibited by the catechins that are found in abundance in green tea. A higher intake of green tea may then correlate to higher levels of sex hormone-binding protein - or globulin, which carries hormones like testosterone around the body in a bound, unusable form so that tissues cannot use it directly. Testosterone is usually carried around the body by this binding protein, therefore, reducing levels of free testosterone, so that it cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle, which is thought to cause hair loss.
They believe too that the Green Tea Shampoo can be effective in the treatment of falling or thinning of hair by strengthening the scalp via nourishment with vitamins and moisturizing as well as deep cleaning the scalp of impurities, neutralizing the toxins and free radicals on the scalp. It can also help in the better blood circulation to the scalp.


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Gender Bias of hair loss?

Undeniably, women seem to be more adversely affected than men by balding as the general and common perception of society seems to emphasize looks more on females than males.

Since time immemorial, women are generally conceived to be the more attractive gender while men are to be strong to protect the fairer gender.

When we are dealing with hair loss, a disease, which threatens the looks of sufferers (image of a person’s contributed largely by his or her hair), society tends to frown more on balding women than men.

One contributing factor for the aforementioned phenomenon is also the fact that men form the majority of the people who are balding. But gradually and surely, there is an evident increasing trend of women balding.

Stress caused by societies in modern day living, juggling the high demands of life all within 24 hours causing the balding trend?

Or is it the food we eat?

No single real cause could be ascertained with precise certainty; it might be a cause of inheritances of genes and a host of other factors.

One common thread that binds through all hair loss sufferers is the suffering or loss of esteem and the fervent wish to regrow hair once more.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Balding men should have enough sleep.

Do not lose sleep over your balding and hair loss anymore else you will lose more!

Study has shown that our body engages in a healing process when we are asleep, especially from the period 11 pm to 2 am.

Thus it is most beneficial if one can turn in early for bed, it will do wonders for your health as well as for your hair!

Balding and cutting your hair?

You are balding and thus there are some spots on your scalp which are sparse of hairs. You relish the other parts of your scalp which still have hair and thus you delay going to see a barber and these remaining unaffected parts of the scalp with hair seem to help you disguise your balding spots.

Or you dread going to the barber because you are conscious of your balding spots. What is there to cut? Will my balding spots show up even more obvious after the cutting?

Everyday, I scoured the scalps of many and realised balding scalps amidst the crowns of hair. Many men especially have already hair which is very thick on some parts of their scalp (the unaffected parts) while balding on some spots…..these make their head untidy and unkempt and even though they are trying hard to disguise their balding spots by not shaving off other undamaged scalps, its still obvious to all and even more obvious as the thinning parts are accentuated by the thicker untouched portions of the scalp which they do not want to have the barber trimmed.

I would say go for that sporty short hair cut if you are balding. It makes no difference whether the barber cuts your hair making the hair even finer. Those balding parts will still shed hairs in the hundreds even if you do not cut it. In fact, keeping more hair will make cleaning more difficult, hair will have more oil and dirt and it might cause more hair to drop off too.

Thus go and see your barber to trim your hair even if you are balding! You will look more ‘tidy’ and at the same time, your hair would be cleaner and easier to wash !

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hair tonic

I believe many of you, hair loss sufferers, must have used hair tonic in the forms of hair regrowth tonic or hair loss reduction tonic in your battles against hair loss.

Hair loss sufferers apply the hair tonic religiously on their scalps and crave for improvement in their hair condition.

If the hair fall still persists (and maybe even more hair would be shed) after you have used these tonic, it is timely to assess whether these tonic are really suitable for your scalp.

Thus, if need be, stop the application of the tonic for a week and see if your hair loss situation is any better or not.

It is paramount to note that NOT ALL hair tonic and ingredients are suitable for everyone.

Some salesmen of hair tonic products also claim that in the early stages of use of the products, if more hair were to drop, it is due to the body’s natural reaction to rid of the ‘old weeds’ before new hair is grown.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wind and Hair

I have always enjoyed wind and breezes when outdoors till the time my hair loss started and my hair became thin.

Every strong wind will tend to tear at my hair, and sometimes it is painful as the hair roots tend to be pull apart.... you see the hair is already so thin that it is the most basic layer, nothing to protect liao.

Thus when there is strong wind, I no longer enjoy it.

Anyway from the internet research, standing in strong wind is definitely a No-No for the thin hair.

Does the cyclone looks like a mop of white hair? :)

Bald and Sexy?

Personally, and I must stress it is a personal opinion: I find Caucasian men and women are quite cool when they are bald due to their sharp features.

But I also feel that some local men and women here look nice when they are bald too.

What do you think?

And some say people are sexy when bald.

Some even suggest men who are bald are very sexy as they have too much virality.

"Bald equates sexiness" this mantra has not rubbed off in Singaporean society but some western societies accept this mantra.

Since Bruce Willis, Zidane, Britney Spears and other bald popular artities have come of age, baldness has taken on another meaning.

It is not that horrible to be bald. Some view baldness as trendy, cool, sexy, hip, fun, cute......

Ultimately, it is no point to having or wishing people naming you as cool, sexy, hip, fun or cute when you are bald.

You got to believe you are cute even when you are bald.

The most important thing is how you feel you look when you are bald.

If you find you are cute if bored, it does not care when all the world says you are ugly.

Self esteem is the most important.

Another fact would be to be contented that though one is born, at least you have health, are a normal human being, something that is not given to everyone.

Hair Poem

This is one poem I heard once or twice:

"God creates all men's head

The ugly ones he covers in Hair"

This poem is meant to bring some confidence and courage to all men who have balded.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Today let us talk about Oily scalp.

The tips for an oily scalp is to wash hair twice a day and leave shampoo on your scalp for a longer period of time… some tips from what I read on the net.

A dilute solution of vinegar may work wonders for the scalp though I have not tried it.

Apple cider vinegar is a new term under hair loss terminology that I have heard; it can prove effective against oily scalp.

If you are interested, you may search more on apple cider vinegar in the internet.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How many strands of hair do you lose each day?

How many strands (from your scalp) do you lose each time you shampoo and wash your hair?

How many strands (from your scalp) of hair do you find on your pillow upon waking up every morning?

A normal human being loses up to a maximum of 100 strands of hair per day, bulk of which we do not really notice because they can drop off of the day without our notice.

The only real test of hair loss is when one actually count the strand of hairs at the sink of the bathroom after washing.

My count was bad: around 20 for everytime I shampoo my scalp. In the past, this count was just 1 to 5!

However if one is able to regrow their hair to replace those fallen off, baldness is not an issue.


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting to the root of the problem

Let us get to the root of all hair problems… and yes we are talking about hair roots.

Hair roots in this case mean hair follicles and they are the ‘seeds’ from which hair are grown. The number of hair follicles are predetermined at birth and once the hair follicles die, the hair from which the follicle grows will never grow again, leaving a bald patch behind. Balding occurs when a large number of hair follicles on a person’s scalp die off.

The only way to prevent balding and combat hair loss is to save and sustain our remaining hair follicles. Hair loss occurs when the rate at which hair drops off exceeds that of those growing. Baldness occurs when the hair follicles die, gradually and over a large extent of the scalp.

My researches carried out over these two years all point to one fact: saving the hair follicles is the only way to prevent baldness. I will list down all the methods that are available on earth to combat hair loss and how all of them are related to revitalizing the hair follicles.

1) Shampooing

A myriad of shampoos purported to contain specialized proteins and ingredients, which will revitalize the follicles in the scalp. Washing hair also helps to clear up the grease and dirt, which may impede the normal growth and functioning of the follicle.

2) Scalp massage

Scalp massage is to increase the flow of blood to your scalp, nourishing the follicles.

3) Inversion

Inverting the body is to direct more blood to nourish the hair follicles.

4) Hair treatment centres

Such centres employ steaming process to open up the follicles after which they apply herbal lotions that are supposed to be able to revitalize the follicles into the follicles.

5) Hair tonics

Touted as lotions that contain ingredients to revitalize the follicles.

6) Scientific medication

Propecia and mindoxil helps the blood vessels to the head dilate, hence carrying more blood to the head. These two medications/lotions are the only scientific methods to combat hair loss till far. But they are very expensive and once one stops treatment, hair loss would return!

7) MLM thingy

Recently, I chanced upon a product from Nuskin called Galvanic Spa. Galvanic Spa works hand in hand with the hair lotions that come together with Galvanic Spa. Galvanic Spa works by the principle of repulsion between two groups of negatively ions. Users first apply the negatively charged lotion on their head and then comb their hair with Galvanic Spa which is shaped like a comb. The Galvanic Spa consists of like negative ions which will then repel the ions of the hair lotion deep into the follicles.

8) Nutrition and Diet

Hair is made up of protein, thus one should eat more lean meat. However if one’s hair is oily, one should prevent eating too much oily and fried food. Avoid certain food too! Vitamins B and biotin are excellent for hair.

9) Exercises

Cardiovascular helps in smoother circulation around the body, spending more blood to the scalp.

10) Chinese treatments

Chinese herbs are believed to revitalize the weakening hair follicles. Acupuncture helps to increase the flow of blood to the scalp.

11) Laser treatments

Offers short burst of high-energy laser to stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

12) Hair transplants

Offers the last resort for those who are balding. Transfers the follicles at the sides of the scalp, programmed to grow for life onto the balding patches.

13) Adopt a stress-free lifestyle

A stressed lifestyle causes blood vessels to the scalp to constrict, reducing blood flow to the scalp.

The above 13 items sum up my research hitherto. For more information pertaining to each item, please trawl the internet for more.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What I have been doing since hair loss in Jun 08?

What I have been doing to cure hair loss?

1) Scalp massage
2) Diet
3) Wash hair more properly
4) Scalp treatment few times per week
5) Sport a short crop of hair, easier to maintain

and not to mention exploring all sorts of treatment centres / off the counter lotions to cure my hair loss but to no avail!

But I have not tried Yunnan, Beijing 101, Svenson, Bossin and the like.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hair Loss- My True Story

My True story

Like many of you, I am also a victim of hair loss …..

More and more Singaporean men are losing their ‘crowns of glory’ and this trend may be getting earlier and earlier.On the streets in these recent years, we may spot a relatively number of young men who are bald or balding. Compare this phenomenon to say ten years ago when this phenomenon is not commonly seen.

This balding trend among Singaporean men is sparking an increasing proliferation of hair treatment centres. Hair treatment centres have practically sprung up all over the island with the likes of Beijing 101, Yunnan, Svenson, Bossin, etc.Causes of hair loss can be hereditary, or caused by stress, drug medications, poor diets, oily scalp etc and these causes manifest into the many forms or types of hair loss such as male pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, etc.A normal human loses about 50 to 100 hairs per day and this loss is not alarming. However if more than this number is lost per day, one should seek a doctor before it is too late.Hair grows from follicles, and if one balds and takes no actions, the follicles will eventually die and there will be no more growth. It will be too late for any action. Note that when I say bald, normally a human will not go totally bald, the follicles at the sides of the human scalp, the parts above the years are programmed for life, and hair grows for life at these particular areas.

Balding follows a pattern known as the Norwood chart.There are three stages of hair growth: anagen (the growing phase), catagen (the intermediate phase) and telogen (the shedding phase). Hair loss occurs when the hair grows and sheds fast. The average life cycle of a hair is 2 to 3 years and each hair growth to fall can last 25 cycles, balding occurs when these cycles are accelerated and completed so fast that the cycles end, the follicles dies off and the hair can never grow back again.

I understand in this post, there are many jargons and technical terms that are used. The internet offers a rich array of resources for which one can research in depth and understand more about hair loss.

In this post, I will just roughly summarize what I understand and experience about hair loss from my studies and very own personal experiences.In the past, I have very thick volumes of hair so much so that I complained about having to go to the barber often as my hair grows so fast. Showering, there would be no hair lost as my hair is so strong.Following a medical treatment some two years ago from a supposedly reputable clinic and consuming the drug nimigen, I notice hair loss, my hair shed in the dozens on the bed and at the bathtub sinks daily so much so that I stopped taking this drug nimigen and stop the laser treatments.

During the consumption of nimigen, my complexion becomes too dry as it is supposed to prevent facial oiliness but it overdoes. Till today, I still do not know the real reason for my hair loss though I believe it has to do significantly with the laser treatment and the consumption of nimigen. On hindsight, I shall not have carried out with the treatment and the consumption of the medicine and this doctor still asked his nurses to force me back to continue with the remaining treatments and at the same time, refuting all my allegations squarely.

I spent close to $3K only to lose even moreAnyway that is the past already and nothing can be done to turn back the clock. What I want to share with readers here are my experiences and what I have gone through to combat hair loss and hopefully it can provide some useful glimpses or lessons to those who are currently suffering from hair loss.

Okay for the start, I first stopped all the causes that I believe have contributed to my hair loss and that is to discontinue with the medical treatments and the nimigen consumption. But even with that, two months down the road, the hair loss does not subside, so it was time to take some real actions.From the internet, I came to learnt of two drugs called Propecia, an oral medication, costing about $95 dollars at that time for 28 pills, to be taken one pill a day; and a topical hair spray called minoxidil (called Regaine, Rogaine, Growell, etc in the market) also at a $95 for one bottle that can last a month.I went to a doctor and was prescribed Propecia, taking one pill a day for three months, after which I stopped.

Why do I stop? Firstly, there was no improvement and secondly, I began to experience what was mentioned as the side effects of this drug, i.e. I begin to feel less manly, though it was a minor side effect that the drug claimed and that it affect only a small percentage of users.

With these two factors, I stopped using this drug and the less- than- manly feeling, which was temporary finally subsided. I did not use Minoxidil, as I also learnt of its side effects too. I want to list down the possible side effects of these two drugs here:Propecia: Lack of ‘manliness’Minoxidil: Increase scalp sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, increase sensitivity to the sunAnd the most important drawback of these two scientific proven drugs is that once you stop using these two drugs, whatever new hair that you have grow will fall again!

Thus these two drugs are to be used for life! Imagine the cost involved to maintain these newly formed hair: $100 (for each of these treatments per month), this amount translates to $1200 and more per year, and so on ......

So after ending the use of the Propecia, I began to explore natural ways of cure. One method that I thought of was using mild shampoo like Johnson Baby Shampoo, however its mild concentration was not strong enough to clear the oilness of my scalp.

My hair loss may be due to oiliness and dandruff as I did notice these symptoms like dandruff on my pillow.So I decided to explore the help of professionals and there was a vast array of choices from the dermatogists and hair treatment centres.I went to one such hair treatment centre for a free consultation and these ‘professionals’ scanned my hair, only to reveal many patches of oil and these ‘professionals’ introduced me a package to clear my scalp greasiness.

The package cost a bomb and I did not like the pushiness of these professional in introducing these packages to me. Also I have heard many stories of people having spent more than $10,000 on these supposedly good cures only to lose even more hair or having no improvement seen, besides wasting their hard-earned money.!Thus, hair treatment centres scared me off at that point and I decided to consult a top hair dermatologist in Singapore instead.It was not cheap.

 First consultation alone cost $80. The dermatologist inspected my hair and said there was nothing wrong. She prescribed me with two shampoo, Nizoral ($25) and a Gentle Shampoo ($21) to be rotated interchangeably daily and a sebum regulator to be applied on the scalp at night after washing ($18).

However, there was still no improvement.

In fact, the residue from the sebum regulator produced tiny sticky white residue on my hair once my hair dried to the extent that my colleagues thought my hair had dandruff.

Anyway my hair was still very oily and coated with some dandruff too, despites applying the supposedly strong and beneficial shampoos that the top dermatologist prescribed. I confirmed this fact when I popped into one of the hair treatment centre at a shopping centre for curiosity and did a free consultation with the centre.

The ‘scanner’ that the centre operators used magnified my scalp glands many times over, revealing the oily spots, it really look disgusting with such a hundred times over magnification of the sebaceous scalp glands. The operators said my scalp glands were choked with oil, and this may cause hair loss; but I did not want to take any chance with this centre and off I left.I went for a second consultation with the dermatologist I saw previously.

Again, the dermatologist said there was nothing wrong with my hair or with my scalp and the results from the ‘hair-pull’ test she carried out on me revealed no extraordinary hair loss. After hearing the story of the medical treatment I did and the drug nimigen I consumed, she suspected that it may be telogen effluvium caused by the medication, a condition which could only go away in times to come; though my oily scalp may be a contributing factor too.

She told me that she could not do anything except to help me diagnose the cause of my hair loss via a scalp biopsy ($589) and a blood test ($169); all price stated without GST. Hearing the prices, I hesitated but in an urge to find out the real cause, I decided to take the plunge and carried out the scalp biopsy and the blood test.I did the blood test first and the pain was nothing compared to the scalp biopsy I undergone later on.

 It was no joke, having a piece of your head scalp being removed surgically and the pain was terrible despite the application of anaesthetics prior to the treatment. After both the tests, the nurse rubbed a Bactroban cream on the part of my scalp which was operated on to kill the bacteria; after sewing this part of the scalp.

There was still little pain that subsisted everytime I shampoo the sewn part of the scalp. I was told to come back two weeks later to remove the stitch and to obtain the results of the diagnosis. I was given the remaining of the Bactroban cream to apply daily on the affected scalp to ease the pain and kill the bacteria.

Two weeks later, I returned to the same clinic to remove the stitch and the dermatologist handed me the result; and the result indicated that it was telogen effluvium. The dermatologist said it was good news as this condition which may be due to the medication I took would finally subside after some time. I would be waiting for this to come soon.

But alas, days pass and then months, it was futile. Seeing tons and tons of hair on the bathroom sink and waking up everyday to witness the hundreds of hair strewn across my bed and on my bedroom floor did nothing to assuage me that my illness would go away.

The visits to the dermatologist have also drained me financially and in a desperate move, I decided to try out some off-the-counter hair loss products available at pharmacies.I tried the Himalyan Hair Loss Cream (Herbal) for about one month but it was useless so I went to see the dermatologist again for the fourth and fifth time (that was in April and May last year), but again the dermatologist assessed and said there was nothing wrong with my hair, no male pattern loss or whatever.

But indeed, my hair was getting thinner and thinner by the day. She prescribed me with stronger shampoos and sebum regulator which I used without seeing any improvements. It was at this time that I finally decided not to see the dermatologist again as there was simply no use at all!

Hair continued to fall and fall.From then on (Jun 07), I have ‘more or less accepted my fate’ and accepted my hair loss fact. I tried Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator and a good shampoo called Melaleucca Shampoo recommended by my friend but it was really no use at all. The telogen effluvium which I was diagnosed with did not seem to be the hair illness that struck me as it simply did not stop within a short period. It was over one year and my hair still continued to fall like rain.

Over the whole of this hair loss ordeal, I carried out numerous researches on hair loss over the internet, which further equipped me with all knowledge concerning hair loss. I tried all I could, from observing what I consumed (less oil), watching my diet, exercising regularly and even cutting down on some coffee and tea. But it did not help in the loss.I have also shared my findings with others on an internet discussion forum posting and the thread saw some 55,000 odd readers before it was finally removed by the administrator.

With my knowledge learnt from the internet and my ordeal, I shared with some of these forumers; some of them even emailed me to ask questions. For hair loss, there is really no one fixed miracle panacea: what works for one may not work for others.The hair loss did affect my life a bit: waking up in the morning and after shampooing, I counted the number of strands of hair that I lost and any fewer in count would make me slightly happier. I used to enjoy the wind but now I avoid being ‘confronted’ with a gust of wind for fear that the wind would blow off some of my hair. It does not help that Singapore can get breezy at times!

And definitely, my self-esteem would suffer a bit of loss and it did not help that I am still without a girlfriend at my age! Hair loss would certainly dealt me a serious disadvantage in this ‘image-conscious’ society; though it may not be always true: I still do my fair share of admirers as some girls are not particular over looks.

Entering the MRT daily, I always observed young man at different stages of balding; sometimes I saw friends who I have not seen for some years completely bald! This shocked me and brought me to the reality that balding in Singapore is not just MY problem, it is OUR problem !

Is it due to stress in this fast-paced society of ours? Or is it due to the diet here that causes more young men and even women to bald? And the fact that the coffers of hair treatment centres are constantly ringing? From June since I stopped the treatment and sporadically choosing some over-the-counters, I left it to nature to heal this sticky problem; it was till December 07 that I learnt some fact from one of the forumers to my post and I changed course and undertook another attempt against hair loss ……………(to be continued)

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group

CONGRATULATIONS! By discovering this website, you have taken the first step to discovering what can be a possible cure of what is terribly bothering you: Hair Loss!

Everyday we witness many people, men and women, young and old losing their hair. It is obvious, just go on to the streets and it is not hard for you to spot a shiny plate of scalp or two among a dozen of people. And the worst thing is: the balding trend is catching on among the youth…..they are not spared either.

Stress, lack of nutrition, improper hair care are the oft-cited causes of hair loss. Whatever the reasons, one common thread binds all hair loss sufferers: the indescribable feeling of loss of esteem, sense of pride and sexiness! And women may be the worse hit than men.

There are as many solutions of hair loss as hair causes: scalp treatment centres in the likes of Beijing 101, Yunnan, Bossin, Trikocare………., scientifically proven methods such as finasteride and propecia…….and many others more. But we all know that not all of these methods work for different people, and we may be jumping from one product to another, trying to hope that the next product we try may work miracles for us while it is still not TOO late. The problem is, the day of regain of hair or reduction in hairfall seems elusive as we experience a thinner crown day after day and a thinner pocket each time we try one product after another.

No one likes to talk about something that is sad and hurtful to him or her, it is the same for hair loss. No one likes to be jeered about, asked about by others on “WHAT HAPPENED?”- especially by others who still have hair. Hair loss sufferers are trying to save their crown but this dream may never materialize or takes a long long time.

Why this support group?

Losing your hair despites countless visits to the doctors, hair treatment centres and uses of anti hairloss products? Your hair is thinning and you would like to seek advice from others who face the same problem before it is too late or trying out another hair care product? FINALLY ……..HELP IS HERE! Introducing Singapore hair loss support group for men and women, boys and gals alike who face this annoying problem!

This hair loss support group is borned out of my fervent wish to salvage my hair, your hair and many more while it is still early. Undeniably, on our path to rescuing our hair, we have tried a raft of treatments and products, all to no use. Some of them may even make our hair and scalp even worse.

Instead of hopping from product to product, would not it be nice if all of us hair loss sufferers can band together, render each other support, help and advice in face of our balding problems?

Each of us definitely would have tried some hair loss products that others may not have tried. Each of us must thus have each of our individual unique experiences with the shampoo, lotion, medicine and treatments which we have tried.

Thus it would be indeed GREAT if each of us can share with all of us in our hair loss support group each of our experiences with the product we use: which product cause further harm or exacerbation to our existing problem? Which product does improve the situation? It is well appreciated that each of us can proactively share our experiences, make our hair loss support group ALIVE and kicking and amidst all, it is hoped that through our sharing, we can find a ‘cure’ which is most suitable to our individual condition and improve our condition. At the same time, we can render each of us support and become good friends in future.

When there are sufficient members, all of us can meet together face to face over some meals for a get-together and sharing. As with the saying, one is always not enough…..if we do have enough members, we can together leverage as a group and lobby for cheaper prices for some medicines………everything is POSSIBLE! WE HAIR LOSS SUFFERERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you have friends who are also suffering from hair problems, invite them to join our hair loss support group. I have also opened up a Yahoo Group under (email: ), you and your friends are most welcome to sign on as member to this group to receive the latest news and sharing from this hair loss support group. Alternately, visit this website regularly where I and MANY OF YOU would be sharing our experiences.

You may email your self introduction to and your hair loss story, combats and experiences and I will upload them to this website to share with others too.

After saying so much, you may wonder WHO AM I to start this website? WHO AM I to know all about hair loss and their implications? Well, let me recount to you my hair loss story on another post coming soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to Singapore Hair Loss Support Group!

Welcome to Singapore Hair Loss Support Group!

Yes, you are not alone in your battle with hair loss.

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