Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be back soon!

Dear All,

Many Thanks for your support!

Singapore Hair Loss Support will be back in Oct 09!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hair Loss Cures

One of the cures for hair loss is to stop subjecting your hair to those very harsh treatments like gelling, waxing and heat treatment which are made of chemical and artificial ingredients!

I just have my hair waxed and gelled for my big day and I must tell you that using a normal shampoo to wash my hair is not good enough. At the end of the day, when I washed my waxed hair, I lose dozens and dozens of hair as the wax simply still stick on to my hair. After the wash, the hair is still waxed and I could feel the smell!

I must find a strong shampoo which can debond all those wax!

You see, readers, one way to prevent hair loss is to avoid using all chemical and harsh styling wax and gel! I could notice some artistes have thinning hair now, maybe its a result of all those styling, a part of their daily jobs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Loss

This was the article that appeared on the Straits Times last week. As the title indicates, this was an article on advertorial when advertising of some hair loss treatment centres are coupled along in 'info-tainment' (information and entertainment) variety shows, passing off as such shows, while having an inherent advertising slant.

I do not really endorse the many hair loss treatment centres here as I can say some of them or some people would say, most of them, employ upon those 'scare' tactics to scare off their customers into thinking that their hair is really in a bad shape (at times they are really, but at times, the hair loss centre folks just exaggerate). Out of fear tactic, they will ask you to sign for very expensive packages which many may fall into the trap as a result of fear!

Then there is another aspect of the modus operandi of a number of these hair loss centres which is the pricing of their products. If you are in a hair treatment centre, and the sales personnel show you a bottle claiming to be a panacea for your hair woes, pricing it at very high prices, the impression formed on the minds of many laymen would be that it is indeed something that can cure your distressing woes else it will not command such a premium!

I am quite sad today as I have received an unflattering remark that I look different now than a year ago due to my hair.

After hearing this, I feel very sad and think of the yesteryears when I have a crop of very thick and bushy hair like a lion's mane, never in my dreams, did I know that I will fall prey to hair loss and start to experience a thinning scalp!

The same experience must be shared by you as well, I hope we can share more on our battle against hair loss together on this blog!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alopecia Universalis

Singaporeans, if you are losing hair at age 20 onwards, you may consider yourself lucky if you read what this poor boy has suffered at the age of 10!

The boy featured in the news suffered from Alopecia Universalis which makes him bald at a young tender age of 10! Luckily the boy has since adopted a strong atitude towards life and refuse to let baldness hamper his future.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

Knowing when to stop with your hair loss treatment can save you lots of time and money.

Follicles are seeds of hair, if your scalp has no more follicles left, it is very hard for you to grow back your much cherished hair.

One camp of thought is that the follicles are always inside the scalp, with sufficient simulation or nutrients, the follicles will start to grow hair again.

Another camp of thought is that the follicles will shrink if one is balding to become so small and finally drop off and there is no way to grow back your hair unless one undergoes hair transplant which should be called follicle transplant instead.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

I would like to share a scalp treatment I had before which was quite uniquely different from what was offered in many hair loss treatment centres.

I should not name the company here but would just want to describe the unique procedures.

From the scalp treatments I have gone before which utlised herbal solutions, the procedures are as follows:

a) Apply garlic solution to open up the pores
b) Apply of the herbal lotion onto the scalp
c) Steam the scalp with the herbal lotion on, to immerse the nutrients deep into the scalp
d) Washing of the hair and drying

In this unique hair treatment salon, the procedures are uniquely different, it goes like this:

a) Washing of the hair and drying (you see, this is the last step of the method above)
b) 'Shooting' of infra red to your scalp to open up the pores
c) Apply nano minerals into your scalp for the follicles to absorb
d) Electric zapping cum combing to reinforce the immersion of the nutrients into the scalp

I must say that after this more unique hair treatment method which does not utilise any herbal lotion, I went back home with not only a hole in my pockets but also a hole in my hair as many strands of hair were lost through the aggressive electrical combing, my hair fell as though it was raining!

Then the so-called consultant took out a mirror and reflected the image of the 'lobang' in my hair and said, "You see you got such a big lobang, you must take up treatments now, else you will be like this man in the brochure (she showed me an uncle with a badly balded scalp)".

I was coerced and forced to sign up a package as she told me if I step out of the salon today, I WILL NOT get longer a 50% discount on the prices for all the hair loss treatments.

I was undeterred and off I went out, as I am confident I will find success doing my own methods, and yes, I finally found success in the books I recommended in this blog.

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