Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hair Loss Treatment Centres: Yun nam, Beijing 101, Lao Fo, Svenson, Bossin reviews

I believe readers would have read about my post that Beijing 101 products contain the chemical called Minoxidil.

Sorry this news is not made up by me, it is published in the newspapers.

If you are a hair loss sufferer and have been to hair loss treatment centres in Singapore for treating your hair loss, please share your reviews with the users by sending me an email, it would be useful to all!

All personal details would be kept strictly confidential.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beijing 101 hair growth products contain Minoxidil

The Health Science Authority of Singapore has found traces of Minoxidil in two hair growth products of Beijing 101 Hair Treatment Centre.

These two products are Hair Growth Formula D-2653-B and Hair Growth Tonic E-0583-D. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oily scalp causes hair loss

This morning, I woke up, yet again, I saw dozens and dozens of hair fallen all over the pillows, bed and floor.

My scalp felt as oily and scalpy as before, even when I religiously used the medicinal Stieproxl shampoo. What happens? I really need to rid the grease on my scalp by finding one effective shampoo that really works.My scalp is getting thinner and thinner with this kind of exaggerated hair loss.. it is more scary to look at the mirror, my own reflection in the mirror with each passing day.

Oily scalp hair loss

I have an oily scalp and I have strong belief that it is a main cause of my hair loss. On some mornings, like today’s, when I wake up, I can feel and sense my scalp is full of oil and grease. Despites using good oil control shampoos, my scalp feels the same: oily and unclean. As a result, there are more strands of fallen hair!

It is common to see bald men on the streets with a sparkling shine of scalp! I think they are victims of oily scalp which causes balding. Ridding of the oil from one’s scalp is important for one with greasy scalp!

True, I shed a lot of hair on bathing just now !

Hair Loss Stories

Since contracting hair loss, waking up every morning is something that is quite scary to me. It can be a nightmare!

Why is that so? Since I have been suffering from hair loss 4 years back, when I wake up every morning, I will find my pillows, bed and floor all strewn with dozens and dozens of fallen hair! It was quite scary to witness so much hair loss from just a night of sleep! However, slowly, I have grown accustomed to seeing all these hair loss. I have to apologize to my parents for messing up my bedroom and house with all my fallen hair since my bedroom is not the only room where my hair loss inflicted the damaged. All over the house, there are lots and lots of fallen hair and now the family, including me will have to sweep the house more vigorously and routinely.

Hair Loss Shampoo

One of the arsenal against hair loss would be hair loss shampoo.

I think it is really contradicting. In the past we have just a number of shampoos and hair loss shampoos, But with hair loss taking centre stage now, a lot of products now spring to the shelves, claiming to have hair loss properties.

Hair Loss experiences

Hi Everyone,

I am a hair loss victim. I have been losing many many strands of hair a day. I have been losing hair for the past 4 years and have tried a couple of shampoos, treatments and products to reduce or stop my hair loss.

I have tried scientific products and many many others all to no avail. I have even devised my own regime of reducing hair loss such as scalp massages, proper diet and exercise.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hair Loss Cure blog is a robotic rewrite of my Singapore Hair Loss Support Group!

Okay, I will not be silent anymore.

Despites my repeated warning to the owners of Hair Loss Cure blog (, the owners of this website refused to take down the articles which are just rewrites of my blog content by robotic softwares.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group


Many Thanks for supporting Singapore Hair Loss Support Group once again!

You may note that I have not been posting content as often as before to this blog these days. No, it is not that I have forgotten about you, about sharing of my hair loss journey or worse, forgetting about the ever constant fight against the scourge of hair loss.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A website copied the contents of my Hair Loss Blog

Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Stop Hair Loss

Yesterday, I discovered to my horror that a website has been copying my content from this blog Singapore Hair Loss Support Group and posting the contents onto its website.

The owner of this blog may have chosen a robotic software to rewrite the sentence structures and posting it like its new articles on its blog. There, he or she has made tons of money from my articles which I have taken time and effort to write.

I have issued a notice to the owner of the blog to remove all my contents, failing so, I will escalate to higher authorities.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sebamed anti dandruff shampoo

Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Stop Hair Loss

If you are suffering from an oily scalp, dandruff and hair loss, then you would most likely need to invest in a quality anti-dandruff shampoo. Off the shelves, the most popular options which are prescribed by pharmacists are Nizoral and Stieprox shampoo.

The active ingredient in Nizoral is Ketoconazole while that for Stieprox, the ingredient is Ciclopirox Olamine. I have tried these two shampoos before. I find that these two shampoos do not help me rid the dandruff. I feel as itchy and scaly as before.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ba Wang hair loss shampoo causes cancer?

If you are my avid reader, you would have read of my post about Ba Wang Hair Loss Shampoo almost two years back.

Ba Wang is really a very popular hair loss shampoo in Singapore as many Singaporeans rushed to purchase it after the shampoo was endorsed by international superstar and hero Jackie Chan heavily on TVs as Jackie sashayed his thick locks of hair while performing death-defying stunts!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Selsun shampoo

Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Stop Hair Loss

If you have an oily scalp with lots of dandruff and are suffering from hair loss, a paramount decision you should take is to seek a shampoo to remove your dandruff and treat your greasy scalp. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair loss

Hair loss is no longer a disease that hits only the elderly at the onset of old age. These days, hair loss has grown to become a very common problem that inflicts men and women in the prime of their lives. Seeming healthy men and women are victims of hair loss ; celebrities and famous people are not spared either.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup 2010: Singapore Hair Loss Support Group supports Netherlands as winner!

Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Stop Hair Loss

At last, the one month of soccer maniac will culminate in today's world cup finals! Netherlands will face off with Spain to fight for the coveted world cup trophy!

During this one month, I strongly believe many have lost sleep and much nutrition chasing the actions of the ball, hence there may be more fallen hair as a result!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Share your hair loss experiences, reviews of hair loss treatment centres, shampoos, lotions, products right here on this blog!

Hair Loss Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Stop Hair Loss

Share your hair loss experiences and stories with readers right here on this blog!

Do you suffer from Hair Loss? If so, I believe that the only way to stop our hair loss and stop wasting time and money would be to share our collective guidance and experiences on what would work and what would not work.

This will save time and money for all of us hair loss sufferers and prevent those so called promising hair loss centres, products or treatments from taking our precious time and money.
If we keep spending more time and money on ineffective hair loss treatments, products, the longer we do that, the more harm is done to our hair follicles and we will drop more hair and the probability of irreversible damage will be higher.

Hair Loss Treatment Centres Reviews

Hi Readers, I am going to start a new series on my blog called the "Readers' Comments" about their own hair loss experience and fight.

In the past, while I have published these comments, they remained buried in the thousands of blog posts within this good repository of hair loss blog.

Hence, from today on, to facilitae this sharing of invaluable information, I will post a new blog post for every good comment and experience by hair loss sufferers to share with you readers.

For the first of such comment, please read this link. For reading of other hair loss suffers' invaluable comments, please click here.


Naturally regrow HairHair Growth Secrets

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hair Loss Discussion

It has been some time since I have blogged on this blog. I was busy but at the same time, I have been thinking of ways on how to better engage readers right here on this blog.

So today, I have finally unveiled a much-awaited feature on this blog and that is none other than the discussion forum!

With this hair loss discussion forum, hair loss sufferers can share their experiences and learn from others, ultimately leading to victory for their hair loss!

So what are you waiting for?

Vist the
hair loss discusision forum today

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