Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The New Singapore Hair Loss Story Conversation- Continuing the Hair Loss Battle together with all Singapore Hair Loss Sufferers on Your platform!

Dear Readers, how have you been? 
I realise that I have not been blogging regularly on this blog as I have been busy lately.
During this period, I have also been pondering seriously on how to bring this blog -TO A HIGHER LEVEL, how to bring the community of hair loss sufferers like you and me together-CLOSER, to rally around this hair loss disease which has been affecting us and hopefully together we can CONTINUE to learn from one another’s good tips and experiences and together we can improve our hair loss condition together.

It is with the aforementioned premises that I started this hair loss blog which has been garnering positive reviews, comments, testimonials and emails from readers all over these years.

But now, with the high demands society placed on our time, I have decided to continue this hair loss conversation, this hair loss battle with all of your hair loss sufferers right here on YOUR PLATFORM!



That means you as reader, do no longer need to read my blog, RSS feeds on your feedburner account or tweets in your tweeter.. NO MORE READING OF MY CONTENTS OR MY SHARING!

The new platform to which I will be bringing this hair loss conversation to will be ABOUT YOU! YOU, AS A HAIR LOSS SUFFERER, YOUR STORY, YOUR EXPERIENCES OF HAIR LOSS!

You WILL share with me and others about your own hair loss experiences and we share and learn from one another on what works, what does not work in our battle together to fight hair loss!

And if you do not want to share, just be a listener and I believe all these hair loss topics discussed will be useful to you as well!

Sounds interesting and engaging? What are you waiting for? Join hundreds of hair loss sufferers in this new platform to outreach and share the Singapore Hair Loss story together and fight this hair loss together as one united fraternity!

Join me on this new Singapore Hair Loss Conversation platform via adding me as Friend here:

Together, we will reunite as one resilient Hair Loss sufferer fraternity and stop or prevent hair loss as ONE!

Hope to chat with you on Facebook soon!

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