Thursday, January 29, 2009

How many hairs you lose while shampooing daily?

To all hair loss sufferers, I would like to pose a question to you.

How many strands of hair do you shed per shampooing everyday?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A matter of compromise?

There are thousands of shampoos on the market, many which are touted to combat hairloss. It is indeed difficult to sieve out the ones that would really work for you unless you try it on your own.
But this entails money like what I did, trying one brand of shampoo to the other, all those shampoos which are supposed to fix hair loss, but all to no success. Often, the branding agents tout the shampoo like though it is the best, but sad to say it is not.
For hair loss sufferers suffering from oily scalp too like me and trying to find a shampoo which could combat oily scalp, dandruff and promote hair loss, I feel that there is no such shampoo in the market which could have such dual functions. I want to cure my oily scalp but at the same time want to grow some hair.. but there is no such shampoo till now that I tried for 2 years which could do that. It is a matter of compromise, depends on what you want to deal: oily scalp or hair loss.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nizoral Shampoo and Stieprox Shampoo

If you are suffering from itchy, oily and hair replete with dandruff and are looking for a shampoo which could combat such conditions, from my experience, I would like to recommend you the following two shampoos I have used before:
a) Nizoral Shampoo (containing Ketoconazole, which is reported to slow down some balding problems too)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scalp Massage

A week after using Kanz Kerantin Hair Loss Shampoo, my hair loss still persists. However, I will wait for some weeks to determine whether there is any improvement after all.
In the meantime, I am resuming my scalp massage.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uncommon Strong Winds in Singapore and its impact on hair loss sufferers in Singapore

Being a hair loss sufferer like some of you, I dread going out these days.. when there are such strong and powerful winds. Dozens of strands of hair just fly pass me, these are from I, from some of the passer-bys and some may be arm pit hairs and moustaches.
I understand that some of the hair loss sufferers in Singapore will try to don a cap to avoid their hair from being blown by the strong winds. While I agree that such approach does cut down the number of hair list due to the strong howling wind, beware that the cap can constrict the blood flow to your scalp, thus causing little blood and oxygen flow to your hair follicles, thus it is unhealthy.
The best solution is to stay at home, close the windows, and pray that the winds will be gone by Chinese New Year when you definitely do not want your hair to be messy while visiting!

Hair Loss and economic recession

With the world in the thick of an impending economic recession, where every cent counts, would you still spend money to cure that balding problem of yours? And when I say money, I mean money in the thousands.......on hair treatment centres or some hundreds of dollars on minoxidil, regaine and propecia?
People do still want to look good especially during an economic recession. But I believe hair treatment centres are starting to feel the pinch. I witnessed how Bossin hair treatment centre has started to slash price for some of its treatments. Undeniably, hair loss treatment may have to take a backseat when Singaporeans confront with the basic issues of the day: job security, bread and butter issues.
Bee Choo hair treatment centre, the one and only hair treatment centre which gives the BEST value for money hair treatment in Singapore is the only treatment centre I visit to rid my scalp of the oil and dirt regularly.
Bee Choo hair treatment centre may also be hit (though less lightly... just see the throngs of thousands of people visiting Bee Choo Hair Centre).
I believe Bee Choo hair treatment centre is the BEST hair treatment centre in Singapore. With just mouth of word publicity, a home grown business, fuelled by the passion of Bee Choo (the owner of the business) to help hair loss sufferers, the inital dozens of customers have become a regular army of thousands.
Sometimes, the best things in life are not the ones that keep advertising. I am disgusted at seeing some of the hair loss treatment centres repeatedly flaunt their monies on getting TCS artistes for endorsment. If it works, it will work, people will come to you, why do you need such a heavy publicity blitz?

Ba Wang Shampoo

Despites having a superstar, Jackie Chan as its spokesman, I regret spending money on this shampoo as it does not work for me.
I am also giving up Pregaine shampoo, another shampoo supposed to reduce hair fall... it does not work for me either.

Kanz keratin hair loss shampoo

I am starting on a new shampoo today.
I cannot recall what many shampoos I have tried over the past 3 years of my combat against hair loss... all to no success.
I am trying this new hair loss shampoo as it was highly recommended by the shopkeepers there, hope it will reduce the number of fallen hair for me!
This is one of my new year resolutions: to have more hair, less hair fall!


Naturally regrow HairHair Growth Secrets

Singapore Hair :Loss

Today I saw long snaking queues at a road show of a particular hair treatment centre.
Among the crowd, I saw men who are really bald.. there are no more follicles for growth anymore.
I do not know why these men still go to these hair treatment centres. It would be a waste of their money because these hair treatment centres will not effect too much new hair on their balding scalps.
The reason: their scalp follicles are dead already.... it is like growing a tree without a seed in the soil. No matter how much water you use on the soil.. or nutrients, there will be no new plant to be grown.

Hair care centres in Singapore

The hair centres in Singapore, in no order of merit are: Yu Nam, Beijing 101, Bossin, Trichokare, Stevenson, Bee Choo and the new kid on the block: Lao Fo Ye.For me the choice is clear: Bee Choo Hair Treatment Centre and I make it a point to visit the centre often.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Code Red

The Singapore Hair Loss Support Group has issued a Code Red warning to balding Singaporeans living in the island about the gusts of strong winds averaging 30km to 40 km per hour which have been hitting Singapore almost every second for the past one week.
Chairman of the group, Dr Hairy Kok, in a statement issued to the The Hairy Times said, "The winds that have been blowing non-stop in Singapore are unprecedented in scale and magnitude! Never have the hair of balding Singaporeans been threatened so seriously!"
Noting in agreement, Mr Harry, a member of the group, said, "I have been suffering from thin hair already. These days, I just dashed out of home towards the bus stop, to minimise the duration my hair is being exposed to the strong gust. Haiz, what an unfortunate thing these strong winds have come! New Year is coming so soon! I need my hair to face my relatives, please don't blow them away!"
Even Singaporeans with a thick coat of hair is not spared. Mr Hairr said, "It just messes up my hair, I think girls who have been spending time doing their hair before coming out of their house is simply wasting their times."
Dr Hairy Kok has formed a sterling committee made up of researchers, businessmen, scientists, hair stylists, babrbers to look into the weather anomaly that has hit Singapore. Collectively, the committee has proposed a slew of suggestions for Singaporeans, especially the balding ones to take note when facing the onslaught of the merciless gust of wind.
Top of the list of suggestions: Do not go out in the open, unless you need to, example going to work.
Second pointer: Wear a cap or hat
Third pointer: Go and shave bald, so that you will be able to enjoy super strong winds without any worry!
It was reported in The Hairy Times that despites the economic downfall, sales of caps, hats have been brisk. Many Singaporeans have been reported buying caps and hats these days to protect their hair while out in the open.
Meanwhile, sweepers in Singapore are bracing themselves everyday for their increased workload, contending with the tonnes of fallen hair that have been blown off from Singaporeans everyday for the past one week.
Said Ms April Foo: "This is madness! I have never seen anything like this. I have swept 5 kg of fallen human hair within half an hour. Hair is not like other debris, hair is so fine and light, you need a certain degree of skills to manipulate the brooms!"
In the meantime, Dr Hairy Kok is contemplating the help of science to overturn the forces of nature in the form of a giant vacuum cleaner!

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