Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The State of Singapore Hair Loss Address 2009: A message to All Hair Loss Sufferers

With the closing of year 2009, I would like to Thank supporters of my hair loss support group from coming together and join me in my fight against the dreadful scourge which has afflicted so much suffering among hair loss victims and families: Hair Loss!

I would not elaborate on the untold sufferings many of you have faced during your many battles against hair loss. These sharings have been documented in this blog and I must really acknowledge that these sharings are just but a tiny fraction of the myriads of undocumented and unexpressed frustrations and sadness many of you have experienced in seeing your treasured gems of hair falling away.

Again, congratulations to some of you hair loss sufferers who have found improvements in your fight against hair loss. I would strongly encourage you to step forward and share your experiences with the larger brethen of hair loss sufferers who are spending their priceless time and monies batttling with the hair loss demon everyday.

Hair Loss really discriminates no one. In the past, only older men and women suffer from hair loss. Now we are witnessing an increasingly phenomenon of more and more young men and even ladies losing their hair.

Blame it on the hectic lifestyle, food and drinks we eat or our habits, we should take cognizance of the fact that we take ownership of our lives and thus the only person who can help us combat against hair loss is WE OURSELVES!

As we usher in the coming 2010, let me wish all hair loss sufferers, whether you are from Singapore, Asia, Europe, America or Africa improvements in your hair loss situation.
Divided as we are in blood, race or religion, we are UNITED in our fight against Hair Loss!
LET US ERADICATE HAIR LOSS IN YEAR 2010 and I would always be with you during your battle with this scourge of Hair Loss!

Yours Sincerely,

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group

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Stop Hair Loss

Copenhagen Climate Change Summit ended just a week ago with a sketchy framework cobbled together by the United States and the BaSIC countries (Brazil, South Africa, India and China). The summit was marred by many differences among the different countries, chief of which were:

The developing countries blame the developed countries for the former’s historical responsibility of polluting the world which led to today’s global warming.

The developing countries want the developed countries to help in the funding of clean technology, in the adaptation and mitigation measures for their countries.

Low-lying islands like Tuvalu emitted little greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere and yet it would be the first country to go under waters should the sea levels rise due to the melting of the giant ice glaciers.

So how in has this climate change conference to do with hair loss?

It draws a number of parallels with hair loss. To see this, replace the developing countries with a young man and the developed countries with an old man, and the similarities would become clear. With these, let translate the three chief differences into age-old truism for hair loss:

“The developing countries blame the developed countries for the former’s historical responsibility of polluting the world which led to today’s global warming.”


The balding young man blame his balding old father for his inherited genes (‘historical responsibility’ in the climate change context) which led to the young man’s balding problem today.

Fact: A large percentage of hair loss is inherited

“The developing countries want the developed countries to help in the funding of clean technology, in the adaptation and mitigation measures for their countries.”

The balding young man want the old balding man to help in the financing of hair loss treatment products and services (‘financing’ in the climate change context) as the old balding man has more money than the balding young man as the latter has just a few years of work.

Fact: Hair loss treatment is by and large expensive, a young below 30 years old man may need help in the monetary terms to procure these products and services.

“Low-lying islands like Tuvalu emitted little greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere and yet it would be the first country to go under waters should the sea levels rise due to the melting of the giant ice glaciers.”

Fact: The balding young man definitely prides his looks as such hair loss will be a heavier blow to him (‘be the first country to go under waters’ in the climate change context) at his age than his father’s.

After reading this post, can you see how this 15th UNCC climate change conference really draws parallels with hair loss?

The last analogy: the hairs on the receding hair line and thinning crown of hair loss sufferers are akin to the rapid melting giant icecaps at the poles!

Okay now, for something serious. Former US Vice-President has warned that the polar ice caps would melt in a matter of 5 to 7 years time to the skepticism of many.

Due to global warming, the polar ice has little time to form, resulting in thinner ice bases which translate to lesser hunting grounds for the polar bears. Many polar bears die as a result. The weaker and smaller polar bears drown together with the thinner ice sheets.

Thus all countries have to do their part to help curb global warming. Singapore has pledged to cut carbon emission by 16 % below Business as usual level. The result: Higher electricity prices for all Singapore household and industries coming next month!

So maybe I have to increase my speed of blogging to save electricity in the future!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss, you can definitely turn to one of the many hair loss treatment centres in Singapore for a quick fix.

But, how credible and effective are these hair treatment centres in combating your hair loss?

It is not unusual to read of horrible experiences of customers of these hair loss treatment centres where they spent lots of money only to see no results. For some, they had it even worse as their hair condition even exacerbated due to the treatments.

I have been to one treatment before by a hair treatment centre where they use laser and other painful ointments. In my opinion, these were really too harsh for my scalp and who knows, these treatments may also possess some side effects which may surface only in years to come?

By seeking treatments in hair loss centres, hair loss sufferers are passing the onus of hair loss to these centres and not to themselves. I would like to advise hair loss sufferers to first check whether they themselves could improve their hair loss situation by changing their shampoo, eating less oily food, having more sleep and so on.

One will have to decide carefully before engaging in a hair loss treatment session as effectiveness aside, we need to ask whether these treatments are value for money.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos

We should not choose a hair loss shampoo due to marketing hype or promoter's recommendation. What we should do is to study the ingredients of a shampoo carefully before considering to buy it.

Hair Loss Stories

As a hair loss sufferer myself, I know exactly the sufferings of hair loss victims:

a) waking up every day to see loads of hair strewn all over the pillows, bed and floor

b) seeing a slew of fallen hairs at the toilet sink after every shampooing

c) the incredible anguish of looking at the mirror everyday to see your hair thinning and thinning

d) sweeping the floor to be shocked at the heaps of fallen hair

e) experiencing the pain of wind tuggling at the follicles of our remaining thin hair when we are in the midst of the wind

More and more Singaporeans are losing hair.

White Hairs

I would like to advise folks with white hairs not to dye or bleach their hair. When you do so, you are using harsh chemical dyes which will prove to be injurious to your scalp follicles and that can lead to thinning hair and balding. Which do you want? White Hairs or balding?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hair Loss

If you have been following my blog, you would have learnt that I have suffered from hair loss for 3 years or so.

I have been following Bee Choo treatment for close to 2 years now. Though there are not much improvements, I can say that the treatment does help me cleanse my scalp, preventing too much oilness.

I always thought that my hair loss problem is due to oily scalp problems. During these past years, I have been buying tons of hair loss products and shampoos, only to no avail.

My scalp is real oily causing me to lose lots of hair. In the past weeks, I have been using Nizoral regularly, which is supposed to cure greasy scalp and help improve balding, however, I discovered too regular use of the shampoo causes me to lose much hair.

As a start again, I went to Bee Choo just some days ago. It is marvellous that after every hair treatment, my hair becomes much fuller. I must say that the washing part is a bit rough and painful.

In the past, after Bee Choo, when I wash my hair few days after, there is lesser hair fall. These times around, there are visibly more. I am using back the Biolyn scalp balancing shampoo and is monitoring my progress. Stay tuned to this blog to find out my progress.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Side effects of Nizoral

Nizoral shampoos have been touted to cleanse the scalp effectively while helping to curb hair loss. However my observations is that if Nizoral shampoo is used to frequent, more hair loss will result. The recommended is 2 to 3 times. Anyone has anything to share on this?

Monday, December 21, 2009

WHAT should you eat to promote long hair growth

Do you have dry frizzy hair, if your hair falling out? Have you colored your hair and hate the dry frizzy hair you now have? Do you have split ends? Breakages? You may have noticed that your hair is growing to slow and you now want faster hair growth.

Well you can fix it with a good diet and I am going to recommend a few things to eat that will grow your hair longer.

First step to grow longer hair is to take a good multivitamins, biotin, and drinking plenty of water. With it- this simple tip is so powerful and by itself will help your hair grow faster

Next step is you need protein for fast hair growth; this includes peanut butter, steak, chicken, etc. Protein is really good for your hair and it will make your hair grow faster however be sure to drink plenty of water to rid your body of the toxins that protein produces when digested.

Understand that without the right nutrition your hair will begin thinning or even fall out you need the right balance of amino acids and B-vitamins. Key vitamins for hair growth include vitamin B-6, biotin, Inositol and folic acid; you also want the following minerals in your diet such as magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc

Another key mineral for hair growth is Beta-carotene. This mineral is key because it is converted to vitamin A, which is crucial to long hair growth it will also help maintain normal body growth and bone development; vitamin A will promote the growth of healthy skin, hair and nails.

To get Beta-carotene, be sure to consume green and yellow vegetables and fruits.
And I mentioned above protein Is Important for long hair growth

as hair is composed of keratin which is a protein, a diet that is low in protein may cause hair loss and hair thinning. So be sure to consume lots of protein-as it will result in improved hair growth.
Other supplements that will promote long hair growth include calves liver, brewer's yeast, wheat germ and a granulated lecithin to promote long hair growth, strong hair and overall beautiful hair.

Soy protein has been proven by numerous studies to strengthened the hair and promote fast hair growth. To get soy drink lots of soy milk!

To promote fast hair growth , be sure to stop smoking , stop consuming diet and regular sodas, these tend to stop normal hair growth, be sure to avoid sugary foods

a very important factor in promoting hair growth is to treat it delicately, stop unnecessary brushing, combing or handling. Do not use hot water when washing your hair; do not use hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair with heat or chemicals
You also want to use a weekly scalp massage to provide instant stimulation to the hair follicles. This will get your hair growing fast
Do a series of ongoing herbal oil treatments to protect and nourish the hair's shaft. I recommend Mira hair oil! And finally be sure to get regular trims to remove split ends and allow the hair to look and feel healthier.
And finally for long hair growth keep stress away from your life and get plenty of rest and sleep to allow your body to grow hair at an acierated pace.


Naturally regrow HairHair Growth Secrets

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nizoral Shampoo and Hair Loss

Author: Prashant

Nizoral shampoo works well on dandruff and in turn prevents hair loss. There are two types of them. Nizoral mild shampoo contains 1% of ketkconazole, thus increasing hair volume and lessening hair fall. 2% concentration of ketkconazole is present in anti-dandruff shampoo for treating severe dandruff problem. A study conducted found that Nizoral Shampoo users possess 20% less hair loss in comparison with other shampoo users. It was also seen that it increased anagen-phase hair follicles. On the whole, it is a known fact that hair loss is something no one can accept. Hair loss is emotionally disheartening and thus hair loss is a severe problem for most of the people. Particularly in women, this problem is considered to be really serious. A lot of people are worried about this fact that hair loss is unavoidable due to the diet we take these days. Our diets are definitely not balanced and the genetically modified food is not healthy enough to ensure health. Therefore, a lot of people face problems like hair loss. There are few natural and synthetic combats to the problem of hair loss, which can save you from this awkwardness. They are one of the best ways to combat hair loss.

Nizoral shampoos are a dandruff treatment shampoo and are never advertised as a hair fall therapy shampoo. Studies prove that Nizoral Shampoo gives you a dandruff free scalp and thicker hair growth. Nizoral successfully drives away itching, irritation and at the same time speeds up hair growth. This shampoo can be bought from leading online store and is the only shampoo in the market that can make dandruff disappear effectively and efficiently. It is a noteworthy shampoo that helps bring down the DHT level in the scalp as well as effectively treats fungal infection.

Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo successfully deals with dandruff and helps to defeat hair loss. Nizoral Shampoo if used regularly also helps in preventing its returning. It should be employed twice a week. This shampoo is free from perfumes and cleans the hair leaving them controllable and strong.

Nizoral shampoo effectively fights against hair loss, because it fundamentally fights injections caused by yeast or fungus. Despite the fact that, it cures fungal infection it is more popularly known as Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo. It is also advised that people allergic to any of the ingredients present in Nizoral, children and aged people should consult their doctor prior to using this shampoo. Overuse of Nizoral Shampoo might possibly leave your hair look even more dry, dull and infertile.

These are few of the important points about Nizoral shampoos. This shampoo is a great help to those who are interested in finding a remedy to their dandruff and hair loss problems. In this way the hair loss issue can be dealt with permanently.

About the Author:

Chemist Direct a renowned online pharmacy, offers Nizoral for the most competitive prices in the UK. It also offers a wide range of hair care products that adhere to the standards set by prominent Pharmacy Associations.

Article Source: - Nizoral Shampoo and Hair Loss

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Hair Loss Products

Author: Dr.Anees

How to identify best hair loss products?

Our society is coming bald; you can find a bald person in every nook and corner of your locality. You don’t need to search, if you are the one. Hair loss is a deficiency that can make any person bald. Earlier, it was the men, now it is affecting the women also in equal proportion. Sometime children also suffer with hair loss. In fact, hair loss is a natural phenomenon and also happens as biological clock ticks but if this clock ticks frequently, then it is called a deficiency, the baldness. This might happen because of improper nutrition, low hygiene, various environmental circumstances etc.

One’s loss is others gain; the saying goes well in case of baldness too.

A number of products are available in the market to prevent hair loss and that too with 100% guarantee. But if that is the case, then today it would be difficult to find such a man / women in the area you live, because these hair loss products are existing in the market since decades and public is buying and trying the different products to stay much hairy. The person who has hair on head and makes their head shaved is another side of the story. The hair loss products claim them as medically proven and people are trying these products with no success at all. I’m sure if you are the one then you definitely have tried some of these products. Since you have tried the product, so do you have any idea about hair loss products? You will definitely say No. This is because one product, which may be good for one person, may be a dump for other and vice-versa.

In most of the hair loss cases it has been found that the hair loss products recommended by a physician gave better results. That’s why, hair loss today is not merely the baldness but a type of sickness which need to be checked, diagnosed and treated by an expert physician rather than going for trial and error method, using sometime one hair loss product, then next, and then so on, which may be of no result. So if you are suffering with hair problems, you need to identify your hair loss problems and see your physician, and get the problem solved.

Clinical diagnosis of hair loss patients suggests that in most of the cases, the reason of hair loss was improper diet, a deficiency of different vitamins and minerals in the body, stress, side effects of medications for any particular sickness, irregular sleep, etc. So, it is obvious that if you are suffering from hair loss or some one around you and you want to help the person, then try to identify the problem of hair loss and take good medical help of experts rather than trying products available in the store shelves.

Sometime a person suffering with hair loss may opt for herbal hair loss products, because it is believed that herbal remedies causes no or minimal side effects. If you are the one, and thinking to buy some herbal hair loss product then make sure that the product you are going to try will restore dead hair follicles and support hair growth. But at the same time remember that these herbal remedies may cause side effects, so it is best favorable to you to go for your doctors’ advice before trying any herbal hair loss product as well.

Women: Be cautious; if you are suffering with hair problems, then never use any hair loss product without getting an expert advice. Some of the hair loss products may cause growth of hair all over the body and definitely you don’t want hair on your upper lips.

There it is best advisable for both the sexes to take precaution, and try only products recommended by a qualified doctor. You also need to understand the causes of hair loss, so that you can help yourself and others to minimize the chances of hair loss / baldness or prevent it.

The following things, you need to understand to prevent your hair problems:

1.The ways to either prevent or stop hair loss and the knowledge of restoring hair growth.

2.The ways to achieve lifespan of hair cells and promoting follicles growth.

3.Several internal and external factors also affects your hair health and promote the things like thinning hairs etc, knowing these factors and also having the knowledge of hair and scalp rejuvenation.

4.Some cosmetic products also may harm your hair, so if you have opted for some new product and you are feeling some problems, switch it over, immediately. Go for your old brand. After all ‘old is gold’.

5.Know your diet and life style, which will suit your hair too.

6.Know the methods of improving hair longevity.

7.Hair loss in some cases is genetic, knowing the fact and knowledge of how to minimize it will help a lot.

8.Hair loss is equally common amongst women, so women should also know the causes and cure of it.

9.Stress, high blood pressure and heart disease also leads to hair loss, knowing the fact and trying to distress, etc. may be of great help.

About the Author:

Dr. Anees Hashmi.. Contact for Article Writting and boast your business we are expert in Fitness Equipment Articles
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Article Source: - Best Hair Loss Products

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Audace Reactive Hair Loss Shampoo

I woke up this morning, after a second time using Audace hair loss shampoo the previous night and to my horror, I saw dozens and dozens of my own hair strewn on the floor and on the bed! What a disappointment! I had just bought the shampoo last weekend and now I have wasted my hard-earned money on another shampoo, which does not work for me! I already have spent so much money on shampoos, which do not work for me one after one! You could still give Audace Reactive Hair Loss Shampoo a try as it may work for you! But I know it does not work for me after my few experiments trying it and I am going to stop using it right away lest I become more and more bald!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Audace Hair Loss shampoo

I bought a bottle of Audace Reactive Hair Loss shampoo recently after learning from my colleague that he experienced some positive results (less hair shedding) after using the hair tonic from the same brand.

When I shampoo using the Audace Reactive shampoo, I could find that the shampoo cleans well though quite a number of hair actually shed during the shampooing. I attributed it to last night’s lack of sleep. The next morning, when I wake up, I was really surprised that there is no single strand of hair found on my bed and ground! Wow at last found one shampoo that works, I thought happily in my head. However, the happiness was shortlived, I experienced itchy scalp the following day and more hair loss continued during the wash the following day. Oh no, is this shampoo a quack? I reverted to using Nizoral shampoo and the result is today, there were even more hair loss! I would still give Audace shampoo a testing period of 1 week to see whether the increased hair fall is a temporary sign only.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best hair tonic

If you are looking for the best hair tonic, I have this saying I would like to share with you: “One man’s beef is another man’s poison”. What works for one may not work for you. It takes some trials, time and money to test the hair tonic you are interested out to see the results.

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