Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The State of Singapore Hair Loss Address 2009: A message to All Hair Loss Sufferers

With the closing of year 2009, I would like to Thank supporters of my hair loss support group from coming together and join me in my fight against the dreadful scourge which has afflicted so much suffering among hair loss victims and families: Hair Loss!

I would not elaborate on the untold sufferings many of you have faced during your many battles against hair loss. These sharings have been documented in this blog and I must really acknowledge that these sharings are just but a tiny fraction of the myriads of undocumented and unexpressed frustrations and sadness many of you have experienced in seeing your treasured gems of hair falling away.

Again, congratulations to some of you hair loss sufferers who have found improvements in your fight against hair loss. I would strongly encourage you to step forward and share your experiences with the larger brethen of hair loss sufferers who are spending their priceless time and monies batttling with the hair loss demon everyday.

Hair Loss really discriminates no one. In the past, only older men and women suffer from hair loss. Now we are witnessing an increasingly phenomenon of more and more young men and even ladies losing their hair.

Blame it on the hectic lifestyle, food and drinks we eat or our habits, we should take cognizance of the fact that we take ownership of our lives and thus the only person who can help us combat against hair loss is WE OURSELVES!

As we usher in the coming 2010, let me wish all hair loss sufferers, whether you are from Singapore, Asia, Europe, America or Africa improvements in your hair loss situation.
Divided as we are in blood, race or religion, we are UNITED in our fight against Hair Loss!
LET US ERADICATE HAIR LOSS IN YEAR 2010 and I would always be with you during your battle with this scourge of Hair Loss!

Yours Sincerely,

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group

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Stop Hair Loss

Copenhagen Climate Change Summit ended just a week ago with a sketchy framework cobbled together by the United States and the BaSIC countries (Brazil, South Africa, India and China). The summit was marred by many differences among the different countries, chief of which were:

The developing countries blame the developed countries for the former’s historical responsibility of polluting the world which led to today’s global warming.

The developing countries want the developed countries to help in the funding of clean technology, in the adaptation and mitigation measures for their countries.

Low-lying islands like Tuvalu emitted little greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere and yet it would be the first country to go under waters should the sea levels rise due to the melting of the giant ice glaciers.

So how in has this climate change conference to do with hair loss?

It draws a number of parallels with hair loss. To see this, replace the developing countries with a young man and the developed countries with an old man, and the similarities would become clear. With these, let translate the three chief differences into age-old truism for hair loss:

“The developing countries blame the developed countries for the former’s historical responsibility of polluting the world which led to today’s global warming.”


The balding young man blame his balding old father for his inherited genes (‘historical responsibility’ in the climate change context) which led to the young man’s balding problem today.

Fact: A large percentage of hair loss is inherited

“The developing countries want the developed countries to help in the funding of clean technology, in the adaptation and mitigation measures for their countries.”

The balding young man want the old balding man to help in the financing of hair loss treatment products and services (‘financing’ in the climate change context) as the old balding man has more money than the balding young man as the latter has just a few years of work.

Fact: Hair loss treatment is by and large expensive, a young below 30 years old man may need help in the monetary terms to procure these products and services.

“Low-lying islands like Tuvalu emitted little greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere and yet it would be the first country to go under waters should the sea levels rise due to the melting of the giant ice glaciers.”

Fact: The balding young man definitely prides his looks as such hair loss will be a heavier blow to him (‘be the first country to go under waters’ in the climate change context) at his age than his father’s.

After reading this post, can you see how this 15th UNCC climate change conference really draws parallels with hair loss?

The last analogy: the hairs on the receding hair line and thinning crown of hair loss sufferers are akin to the rapid melting giant icecaps at the poles!

Okay now, for something serious. Former US Vice-President has warned that the polar ice caps would melt in a matter of 5 to 7 years time to the skepticism of many.

Due to global warming, the polar ice has little time to form, resulting in thinner ice bases which translate to lesser hunting grounds for the polar bears. Many polar bears die as a result. The weaker and smaller polar bears drown together with the thinner ice sheets.

Thus all countries have to do their part to help curb global warming. Singapore has pledged to cut carbon emission by 16 % below Business as usual level. The result: Higher electricity prices for all Singapore household and industries coming next month!

So maybe I have to increase my speed of blogging to save electricity in the future!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss, you can definitely turn to one of the many hair loss treatment centres in Singapore for a quick fix.

But, how credible and effective are these hair treatment centres in combating your hair loss?

It is not unusual to read of horrible experiences of customers of these hair loss treatment centres where they spent lots of money only to see no results. For some, they had it even worse as their hair condition even exacerbated due to the treatments.

I have been to one treatment before by a hair treatment centre where they use laser and other painful ointments. In my opinion, these were really too harsh for my scalp and who knows, these treatments may also possess some side effects which may surface only in years to come?

By seeking treatments in hair loss centres, hair loss sufferers are passing the onus of hair loss to these centres and not to themselves. I would like to advise hair loss sufferers to first check whether they themselves could improve their hair loss situation by changing their shampoo, eating less oily food, having more sleep and so on.

One will have to decide carefully before engaging in a hair loss treatment session as effectiveness aside, we need to ask whether these treatments are value for money.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos

We should not choose a hair loss shampoo due to marketing hype or promoter's recommendation. What we should do is to study the ingredients of a shampoo carefully before considering to buy it.

Hair Loss Stories

As a hair loss sufferer myself, I know exactly the sufferings of hair loss victims:

a) waking up every day to see loads of hair strewn all over the pillows, bed and floor

b) seeing a slew of fallen hairs at the toilet sink after every shampooing

c) the incredible anguish of looking at the mirror everyday to see your hair thinning and thinning

d) sweeping the floor to be shocked at the heaps of fallen hair

e) experiencing the pain of wind tuggling at the follicles of our remaining thin hair when we are in the midst of the wind

More and more Singaporeans are losing hair.

White Hairs

I would like to advise folks with white hairs not to dye or bleach their hair. When you do so, you are using harsh chemical dyes which will prove to be injurious to your scalp follicles and that can lead to thinning hair and balding. Which do you want? White Hairs or balding?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hair Loss

If you have been following my blog, you would have learnt that I have suffered from hair loss for 3 years or so.

I have been following Bee Choo treatment for close to 2 years now. Though there are not much improvements, I can say that the treatment does help me cleanse my scalp, preventing too much oilness.

I always thought that my hair loss problem is due to oily scalp problems. During these past years, I have been buying tons of hair loss products and shampoos, only to no avail.

My scalp is real oily causing me to lose lots of hair. In the past weeks, I have been using Nizoral regularly, which is supposed to cure greasy scalp and help improve balding, however, I discovered too regular use of the shampoo causes me to lose much hair.

As a start again, I went to Bee Choo just some days ago. It is marvellous that after every hair treatment, my hair becomes much fuller. I must say that the washing part is a bit rough and painful.

In the past, after Bee Choo, when I wash my hair few days after, there is lesser hair fall. These times around, there are visibly more. I am using back the Biolyn scalp balancing shampoo and is monitoring my progress. Stay tuned to this blog to find out my progress.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Side effects of Nizoral

Nizoral shampoos have been touted to cleanse the scalp effectively while helping to curb hair loss. However my observations is that if Nizoral shampoo is used to frequent, more hair loss will result. The recommended is 2 to 3 times. Anyone has anything to share on this?

Monday, December 21, 2009

WHAT should you eat to promote long hair growth

Do you have dry frizzy hair, if your hair falling out? Have you colored your hair and hate the dry frizzy hair you now have? Do you have split ends? Breakages? You may have noticed that your hair is growing to slow and you now want faster hair growth.

Well you can fix it with a good diet and I am going to recommend a few things to eat that will grow your hair longer.

First step to grow longer hair is to take a good multivitamins, biotin, and drinking plenty of water. With it- this simple tip is so powerful and by itself will help your hair grow faster

Next step is you need protein for fast hair growth; this includes peanut butter, steak, chicken, etc. Protein is really good for your hair and it will make your hair grow faster however be sure to drink plenty of water to rid your body of the toxins that protein produces when digested.

Understand that without the right nutrition your hair will begin thinning or even fall out you need the right balance of amino acids and B-vitamins. Key vitamins for hair growth include vitamin B-6, biotin, Inositol and folic acid; you also want the following minerals in your diet such as magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc

Another key mineral for hair growth is Beta-carotene. This mineral is key because it is converted to vitamin A, which is crucial to long hair growth it will also help maintain normal body growth and bone development; vitamin A will promote the growth of healthy skin, hair and nails.

To get Beta-carotene, be sure to consume green and yellow vegetables and fruits.
And I mentioned above protein Is Important for long hair growth

as hair is composed of keratin which is a protein, a diet that is low in protein may cause hair loss and hair thinning. So be sure to consume lots of protein-as it will result in improved hair growth.
Other supplements that will promote long hair growth include calves liver, brewer's yeast, wheat germ and a granulated lecithin to promote long hair growth, strong hair and overall beautiful hair.

Soy protein has been proven by numerous studies to strengthened the hair and promote fast hair growth. To get soy drink lots of soy milk!

To promote fast hair growth , be sure to stop smoking , stop consuming diet and regular sodas, these tend to stop normal hair growth, be sure to avoid sugary foods

a very important factor in promoting hair growth is to treat it delicately, stop unnecessary brushing, combing or handling. Do not use hot water when washing your hair; do not use hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair with heat or chemicals
You also want to use a weekly scalp massage to provide instant stimulation to the hair follicles. This will get your hair growing fast
Do a series of ongoing herbal oil treatments to protect and nourish the hair's shaft. I recommend Mira hair oil! And finally be sure to get regular trims to remove split ends and allow the hair to look and feel healthier.
And finally for long hair growth keep stress away from your life and get plenty of rest and sleep to allow your body to grow hair at an acierated pace.


Naturally regrow HairHair Growth Secrets

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nizoral Shampoo and Hair Loss

Author: Prashant

Nizoral shampoo works well on dandruff and in turn prevents hair loss. There are two types of them. Nizoral mild shampoo contains 1% of ketkconazole, thus increasing hair volume and lessening hair fall. 2% concentration of ketkconazole is present in anti-dandruff shampoo for treating severe dandruff problem. A study conducted found that Nizoral Shampoo users possess 20% less hair loss in comparison with other shampoo users. It was also seen that it increased anagen-phase hair follicles. On the whole, it is a known fact that hair loss is something no one can accept. Hair loss is emotionally disheartening and thus hair loss is a severe problem for most of the people. Particularly in women, this problem is considered to be really serious. A lot of people are worried about this fact that hair loss is unavoidable due to the diet we take these days. Our diets are definitely not balanced and the genetically modified food is not healthy enough to ensure health. Therefore, a lot of people face problems like hair loss. There are few natural and synthetic combats to the problem of hair loss, which can save you from this awkwardness. They are one of the best ways to combat hair loss.

Nizoral shampoos are a dandruff treatment shampoo and are never advertised as a hair fall therapy shampoo. Studies prove that Nizoral Shampoo gives you a dandruff free scalp and thicker hair growth. Nizoral successfully drives away itching, irritation and at the same time speeds up hair growth. This shampoo can be bought from leading online store and is the only shampoo in the market that can make dandruff disappear effectively and efficiently. It is a noteworthy shampoo that helps bring down the DHT level in the scalp as well as effectively treats fungal infection.

Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo successfully deals with dandruff and helps to defeat hair loss. Nizoral Shampoo if used regularly also helps in preventing its returning. It should be employed twice a week. This shampoo is free from perfumes and cleans the hair leaving them controllable and strong.

Nizoral shampoo effectively fights against hair loss, because it fundamentally fights injections caused by yeast or fungus. Despite the fact that, it cures fungal infection it is more popularly known as Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo. It is also advised that people allergic to any of the ingredients present in Nizoral, children and aged people should consult their doctor prior to using this shampoo. Overuse of Nizoral Shampoo might possibly leave your hair look even more dry, dull and infertile.

These are few of the important points about Nizoral shampoos. This shampoo is a great help to those who are interested in finding a remedy to their dandruff and hair loss problems. In this way the hair loss issue can be dealt with permanently.

About the Author:

Chemist Direct a renowned online pharmacy, offers Nizoral for the most competitive prices in the UK. It also offers a wide range of hair care products that adhere to the standards set by prominent Pharmacy Associations.

Article Source: - Nizoral Shampoo and Hair Loss

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Hair Loss Products

Author: Dr.Anees

How to identify best hair loss products?

Our society is coming bald; you can find a bald person in every nook and corner of your locality. You don’t need to search, if you are the one. Hair loss is a deficiency that can make any person bald. Earlier, it was the men, now it is affecting the women also in equal proportion. Sometime children also suffer with hair loss. In fact, hair loss is a natural phenomenon and also happens as biological clock ticks but if this clock ticks frequently, then it is called a deficiency, the baldness. This might happen because of improper nutrition, low hygiene, various environmental circumstances etc.

One’s loss is others gain; the saying goes well in case of baldness too.

A number of products are available in the market to prevent hair loss and that too with 100% guarantee. But if that is the case, then today it would be difficult to find such a man / women in the area you live, because these hair loss products are existing in the market since decades and public is buying and trying the different products to stay much hairy. The person who has hair on head and makes their head shaved is another side of the story. The hair loss products claim them as medically proven and people are trying these products with no success at all. I’m sure if you are the one then you definitely have tried some of these products. Since you have tried the product, so do you have any idea about hair loss products? You will definitely say No. This is because one product, which may be good for one person, may be a dump for other and vice-versa.

In most of the hair loss cases it has been found that the hair loss products recommended by a physician gave better results. That’s why, hair loss today is not merely the baldness but a type of sickness which need to be checked, diagnosed and treated by an expert physician rather than going for trial and error method, using sometime one hair loss product, then next, and then so on, which may be of no result. So if you are suffering with hair problems, you need to identify your hair loss problems and see your physician, and get the problem solved.

Clinical diagnosis of hair loss patients suggests that in most of the cases, the reason of hair loss was improper diet, a deficiency of different vitamins and minerals in the body, stress, side effects of medications for any particular sickness, irregular sleep, etc. So, it is obvious that if you are suffering from hair loss or some one around you and you want to help the person, then try to identify the problem of hair loss and take good medical help of experts rather than trying products available in the store shelves.

Sometime a person suffering with hair loss may opt for herbal hair loss products, because it is believed that herbal remedies causes no or minimal side effects. If you are the one, and thinking to buy some herbal hair loss product then make sure that the product you are going to try will restore dead hair follicles and support hair growth. But at the same time remember that these herbal remedies may cause side effects, so it is best favorable to you to go for your doctors’ advice before trying any herbal hair loss product as well.

Women: Be cautious; if you are suffering with hair problems, then never use any hair loss product without getting an expert advice. Some of the hair loss products may cause growth of hair all over the body and definitely you don’t want hair on your upper lips.

There it is best advisable for both the sexes to take precaution, and try only products recommended by a qualified doctor. You also need to understand the causes of hair loss, so that you can help yourself and others to minimize the chances of hair loss / baldness or prevent it.

The following things, you need to understand to prevent your hair problems:

1.The ways to either prevent or stop hair loss and the knowledge of restoring hair growth.

2.The ways to achieve lifespan of hair cells and promoting follicles growth.

3.Several internal and external factors also affects your hair health and promote the things like thinning hairs etc, knowing these factors and also having the knowledge of hair and scalp rejuvenation.

4.Some cosmetic products also may harm your hair, so if you have opted for some new product and you are feeling some problems, switch it over, immediately. Go for your old brand. After all ‘old is gold’.

5.Know your diet and life style, which will suit your hair too.

6.Know the methods of improving hair longevity.

7.Hair loss in some cases is genetic, knowing the fact and knowledge of how to minimize it will help a lot.

8.Hair loss is equally common amongst women, so women should also know the causes and cure of it.

9.Stress, high blood pressure and heart disease also leads to hair loss, knowing the fact and trying to distress, etc. may be of great help.

About the Author:

Dr. Anees Hashmi.. Contact for Article Writting and boast your business we are expert in Fitness Equipment Articles
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Article Source: - Best Hair Loss Products

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Audace Reactive Hair Loss Shampoo

I woke up this morning, after a second time using Audace hair loss shampoo the previous night and to my horror, I saw dozens and dozens of my own hair strewn on the floor and on the bed! What a disappointment! I had just bought the shampoo last weekend and now I have wasted my hard-earned money on another shampoo, which does not work for me! I already have spent so much money on shampoos, which do not work for me one after one! You could still give Audace Reactive Hair Loss Shampoo a try as it may work for you! But I know it does not work for me after my few experiments trying it and I am going to stop using it right away lest I become more and more bald!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Audace Hair Loss shampoo

I bought a bottle of Audace Reactive Hair Loss shampoo recently after learning from my colleague that he experienced some positive results (less hair shedding) after using the hair tonic from the same brand.

When I shampoo using the Audace Reactive shampoo, I could find that the shampoo cleans well though quite a number of hair actually shed during the shampooing. I attributed it to last night’s lack of sleep. The next morning, when I wake up, I was really surprised that there is no single strand of hair found on my bed and ground! Wow at last found one shampoo that works, I thought happily in my head. However, the happiness was shortlived, I experienced itchy scalp the following day and more hair loss continued during the wash the following day. Oh no, is this shampoo a quack? I reverted to using Nizoral shampoo and the result is today, there were even more hair loss! I would still give Audace shampoo a testing period of 1 week to see whether the increased hair fall is a temporary sign only.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best hair tonic

If you are looking for the best hair tonic, I have this saying I would like to share with you: “One man’s beef is another man’s poison”. What works for one may not work for you. It takes some trials, time and money to test the hair tonic you are interested out to see the results.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Calcium and Hair Loss

Dear Friends,

If you are trying to solve your hair loss problems, you may exploring increasing the calcium intake in your daily diets as calcium will help strengthen hair follicles and hair growth.

Take Care!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos

When I was in Hokkadio, I was also on the lookout for good Japanese hair loss products as Japanese is always touted to have the best health products in the world.

I bought two hair loss scalp lotions, each at 3000 yen (around Singapore 45 bucks). it was quite expensive and these days I am applying one of the lotion, will keep you updated on my progress.

Meanwhile, I also bought two super mild shampoos in Japan, and lost tons of hair using them. My scalp was itchy as the shampoos might be too mild and hence not cleansive enough. This is not to say Japanese super mild shampoos are not good, these are good for Japanese in their mild weather and climate, not in hot and humid country like Singapore, thus we are not suited to using their gentle shampoos.

This is the Japanese hair lotion I am using now, for your interest.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Insulated Lunch Tote and More

Are you scratching your head over what to buy for your colleagues’ toddlers? Do not fret; I will give you some suggestions you would find greatly useful for your decision!

First of all, a toddler nap mat is great for toddlers! Sleep is an important activity for toddlers and when it comes to nap mats, parents should only insist on buying the best nap mats which would give toddler a comfortable and quality nap! Hence nap mats as gifts to your colleagues when attending their toddler’s birthday celebrations are really great ideas!

Next, a toddler backpack for these toddlers makes for an excellent gift too! When it comes to backpacks, stephen joseph quilted backpack and stephen joseph backpack are one of the very best backpacks for toddlers. These backpacks are made completely from cotton, durable and able to be washed by machines. The carry strap handle as well as the shoulder straps make for great portability and these attractive backpacks are ideal for the toddler’s little activities! To sum up, these two gift ideas are my recommendations for you for the day!

Last but not least, a great designed insulated lunch tote is another excellent gift for toddlers as it is a highly practical gift for all parents.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos

Anyone who bathes and wants their hair cleaned uses shampoo. Some shampoos promise your long flowing hair while others make sure that your hair is glowing. These are wonderful sales talk and most people are vain enough to be drawn into it. However, only a few people know that these shampoos have ingredients that are risking their very health every time they use it.
Most people do not look at the back of one’s shampoo where all different kinds of ingredients are listed. There is various research that has shown that your everyday shampoo have various chemicals in them that could cause serious risks in your health, such as memory loss, eye irritation, skin irritation, hair loss and even cancer.

Here are the most common ingredients of a shampoo that can give you health risks and what those health risks are:

1. Fragrances used in shampoo contain a number of chemicals and most of them cause headaches and rashes. Some can even induce coughing and vomiting to a person.

2. Propylene glycol causes allergies. This ingredient can also be found in your everyday toothpaste.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate can cause asthma attacks. This ingredient also damages a person’s hair follicles which can lead to hair loss for some. They are also known for irritating a person’s eyes.

4. Diethanolamine can cause liver and kidney cancer. This ingredient can also be toxic to one’s brain.

Maybe you are wondering how these shampoos still stay in the market even if it has been proven to cause these kinds of health risks. The regulatory authorities on these kinds of things does not investigate these claims and spends most of their time researching prescription drugs . Meanwhile, shampoos, which can readily be bought in a supermarket is forgotten and ignored.
To take it one more step further, shampoo manufacturers are, in a way, allowed to use different kinds of chemicals for their products. There are no regulations barring them to use popular chemicals which can cause cancer when exposed regularly to a person’s body.

Researchers of National Institute of Health have directly found a relation between shampoos and damage in the nervous system. These researchers are concerned of possible health risks (especially nervous system disorders) due to continued use of certain shampoos .

This effect is due to the chemicals preventing neurons from communicating with each other, resulting in the slowing of these networks of neurons. These slowing of neurons will cause problems and prevent normal brain functions.

Another research done by scientist about these chemicals found out that there are synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormones. These chemicals, since they are used daily, never go away cause your endocrine glands to stop functioning.

The endocrine glands regulate every body function. The thyroid, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries and testes are all part of this system and all of them are linked to the brain’s hypothalamus. The chemicals found in shampoos are acting as endocrine disruptors and causes your body to send false signals to these glands. These false signals will cause serious problems such as memory loss, cold, flu, hair loss, low blood pressure, malnutrition, heart disease, cancer and can even cause infertility. These are just a few and do not even take into consideration other diseases they could get due to lowered body resistance.

These malfunctions of the body organs can be deadly and costly for consumers. Without knowing about it, they are the ones that put themselves in this predicament. Most people do not know about these chemicals they just keep using on their head that can cause them more harm than good.

The best way to protect one’s self against these chemicals is to read all the ingredient found in their shampoos and study about them. Study the side effects these chemicals could cause your body.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hair Loss

Some of the mornings when I wake up, I was so shocked to discover so many strands of hair on my bed as well as floor. On other days, there was only a few strands. What happens, I asked myself.

As I have shared with you readers. I have alternated my shampoo ritual with two kinds of shampoos both gentle and strong, i.e. washing my hair with mild shampoo for one day and with stronger shampoo on the other day (when normally I am exercising, etc). The increased shedding of hair observed on certain mornings were when I use the mild shampoo the nights before. It could be the case of the mild shampoo.

Finally, the night before, I discovered why I lost so many hairs on waking up on some mornings. The day before, I recalled scratching my scalp quite vigorously during sleep as it was itchy! Oh my god! When one is so sound asleep, one could use a lot of strength to scrap one scalp, thus dislodging many many hairs! Worse, the scalp follicles may be damaged if intense force is used!

What about you? Do you experienced lots of hair shedding on some mornings? If it is, then maybe you have experienced what I have discussed above. If you want to check, maybe you can get a video camera and see what you do during your sleep: are you scratching your scalp or dancing unconsciously and dislodging hair in the process?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prevent Hair Loss

Do you look in the mirror and frown at how much your hair has thinned out? Are you busy trying to hide your receding hair lines or bold spots? If you run your hand lightly through your hair, do you end up with 20-50 loose strands?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you probably are wondering what you need to do to stop this hair loss. Hair loss occurs in both men and women. It has a great impact on a person’s confidence and self esteem. In recent years, more and more young people are suffering from premature hair loss. The culprit that contributes to this increasing trend is the modern lifestyle of stress, tension, poor diet, insufficient rest and use of harmful chemicals. So, what are some natural remedies to reduce the hair fall? Here are some suggestions: 1. Vitamin B7 Biotin This type of B-complex vitamin does well to encourage hair growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. You can get Biotin by eating foods such as yeast, kidney, eggs, liver, nuts and soy beans. However, getting Biotin from your diet is insufficient for your hair needs.

You still need Biotin supplements. The recommended daily intake (RDI) is 30mcg. But you don’t have to worry about over dosage as there are no side effects. Any excess will be excreted. There are plenty of testimonials vouching for the effectiveness of Biotin in reducing hair loss. Some saw results as fast as 1 week. 2. Egg treatment You may not like the idea of dumping egg on your head but the fact remains that it can remedy your hair loss. It’s able to strengthen your hair. There are a few ways to apply it. - Combine 1 egg with 2tbsp of olive oil. Whip it up and leave on hair for 1/2 hour before rinsing off with cold water. - Mix honey with egg yolk and massage into scalp and head. Leave for 1/2 hour then rinse off. - Whip 2 egg yolks with 1/2 cup of water. Massage into scalp and hair for 5 minutes. Wash off with water. It’s crucial that you remember not to use hot water when rinsing. You may end up with slightly cooked eggs on your head. Now some of you might be wondering “how do I get rid of the bad egg smell afterwards?” After washing off the egg treatment, follow-up with a rinse of vinegar mixed in water. The smell will be gone. Another tip is to wash the hair with some lemon juice. 3. Change your shampoo

Take a look at your shampoo and see if it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)? These are corrosive ingredients and are used in household and commercial cleaners such as car wash soap, engine degreaser, and garage floor cleaners. It is said to attack your hair follicles and interfere with hair growth. Although studies are still on going, many already attribute premature hair loss to these ingredients. The danger of SLS is quite controversial. But why take the risk when you can be safe with organic shampoos that use natural ingredients.

There are also countless testimonies of how changing to a non-SLS shampoo lead to a reduction in hair loss. 4. Aloe Vera Why not follow the footsteps of the Native Americans, Indians and Caribbeans in using Aloe Vera to keep skin, scalp and hair healthy. Not only does it prevent excessive hair loss but also encourages hair growth. It creates a balanced pH level, cleanses the pores and repairs damaged hair. If you have the plant, you can rub the natural gel onto your scalp. If not, you can opt for the over-the-counter Aloe Vera gel.

Leave it on your head for an hour or more, then rinse off. There are also shampoos and conditioners with Aloe Vera as part of it’s formula. If you don’t mind the hassle, you can even make your own Aloe Vera shampoo by mixing it together with coconut milk and a little wheat germ oil. Excessive hair loss is a great concern especially if you are as young as 18 years old. You may be eager to try the many hair loss treatments that you’ve read about. However, the first important step is to visit a dermatologist to rule out any underlying health problem. When you understand better what is causing your hair to fall, you will be more successful in finding a remedy.

Female Hair Loss

You're not alone if you're experiencing breakage, increased hair shedding or significant hair loss.

Hair loss in women is most often very gradual and is more easily affected by hormonal changes, medical conditions, and external factors. Hair loss in women is no less distressing than in men. More often women s hair loss is limited to the thinning of the hair especially around the crown area.

A receding hair line is rare in women. It usually starts with the hair follicle becoming thinner, revealing more skin. Hair loss or hair shedding is consistent within the hair growth cycle and it is normal to lose some scalp hair each day. The average human scalp has roughly 100,000 to 150,000 individual hairs and the normal hair growth cycle results in the loosening or shedding of about 100 to 150 hairs on a daily basis.

New hair growth then emerges from these same previous dormant hair follicles, growing at the average rate of about half an inch per month. Baldness or Alopecia happens when the normal pattern of hair growth is disrupted. The normal pattern of human hair growth is growing, resting, shedding and growing again. For a woman, thick, vibrant hair is our crowning glory, our vanity visible. Our culture strongly identifies femininity with a thick, silky head of hair. Society unfairly identifies dry, lack luster and thinning hair with old age, sickness and poverty.

Reasons for hair loss include physical, emotional, and genetic conditions. Hair loss can occur from many common causes that most women do not even think of. The number of women who suffer from stress and hair loss is growing. Stress leads to various health conditions which cause hair loss.

A woman's hair is at its thickest by age 20. Once we pass 20, however, our hair gradually begins to thin, shedding more than the normal 100-150 hairs a day. For even the elderly woman, significant hair loss can threaten self image. Female pattern baldness or Androgen tic Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in women and is genetic in nature. The result is a shorter hair growth cycle, finer hair and excessive hair loss from shedding and breakage.

Coming off birth control pills and pregnancy can cause hair loss. Women may experience hair loss 2 3 months after having a baby. Progesterone is another hormone that precisely targets the hair during menopause. It compensates by producing extra androstenedione, which prevents hair growth. Usually hair will return to its original thickness following menopause. A healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, hydration and rest can go a long way towards preventing hair loss and maximizing the potential of your hair growth cycle.

Poor nutrition is often an underlying cause of hair loss as the hair is a reliable indicator of nutritional well being. Dull hair color or dry and brittle hair may be indicators of a deficiency in essential fats in the diet, oily hair may be a sign of a B vitamin deficiency. Low-fat foods that rank high in protein, low in carbohydrates, can play a vital role in sustaining healthy hair growth and aid in preventing hair loss.

Harsh chemicals may strip the natural oils from your hair and lead to breakage and poor hair growth. Dye, hair straightening and permanent solutions are highly destructive to the hair shaft and follicle as well as the delicate sebum balance of the scalp.

Be gentle with your hair. Allow hair to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer. Wet hair is weak hair so handle with care. Try not to constantly run your fingers through your hair, tug at the hair and avoid hair clips or rubber bands that pull at and break off the hair. Minimize the usage of mousse, gels and hair sprays. These products dry and weigh down the hair shaft and dull the natural luster of your hair. Harsh hair treatment such as pulling with brushes, tight braiding and styling with irons and strengtheners can be a cause of female thinning hair.

Sun worshippers should make sure that hair care products have sunscreen properties to protect hair from the damaging affects of UV rays. Hair loss is traumatic; however our hair is only part of who we are. Remember, that for some hair grows back as mysteriously as it disappeared Finding what has caused your hair loss will greatly increase your chances of finding the right treatments to help re grow your hair.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss and the Water Link

This is a comment I received from a reader in response to my blog post on Newater and Hair Loss

"On the first day of coming to Singapore , I had just commented to my roommate that he had very high hair fall . I could see the hair in the bathroom . He said that he got this problem only after coming to Singapore.

I too found that my hair fall became very high from the 3rd day of coming into Singapore . First I thought it was my imagination . But the problem became too severe. I could see my fallen hair on the floor, apart from the hair which fell during bath . Then I just mentioned to my friends at work about this problem & they too experienced this problem.

I really now believe that there is something in the water that is respponsible for the hair fall.
It could be some metal content in the water , I suppose . I am not sure what I can do about it . I would like to hear something about this."

Hair Loss Treatments

Dear Readers,

So sorry I am back after a week long hiatus.

I am busy with work, with life and not to forget, fighting my hair loss like all of you.

Well, hair loss is such a troubling thing, isn't it? You wake up everyday to find lots of strands of fallen hair, and also after shampooing, you noticed these fallen strands of hair too! And not to forget, everyday while we are standing, sitting or walking outside or inside of home, many strands of hair drop unnoticed. Thus, we cannot really put a figure to the number of fallen hairs we drop!

You are not alone in your fight against hair loss. I am also fighting hair loss with my own routine and using the tops mentioned in one of the E-books you see left of this blog.

When it comes to hair loss treatments, do not leave it to those hair loss treatment centres, many of which can be more focused on earning your bucks. For me , these days, I still try Bee Choo Hair Treatment Centre which is so popular with Singaporeans with little advertising at all. I feel no pressure as I can just come in for a session as and when I am free, I am not obliged to sign up for any expensive packages.

I would like to share the following tips with all of you, lessions gleaned from my experiences, for your fight against hair loss.

First: sport a short hairdo. I have cut my hair till crew cut already. Don't be sad to trade your long flocks of hair for a shorter hairdo. A shorter hairdo will be cleaner to wash, though it may not stem hair dropping, your hair will feel cleaner and what is more, your thinning or balding problem will be camouflaged.

Second: within days of cutting your hair, go for a herbal hair treatment like I do at Bee Choo. The thinking is that with a short hairdo, there is a higher probability that the herbal lotion can find its way into the follicles to hopefully work miracles.

Third: Invest in a bottle of vitamins and minerals. Have you ever thought that your hair loss may be triggered, in part due to a deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals? So buy a bottle of vitamins and minerals now!

Fourth: Now it comes to shampoos. Do you know I have tried so many shampoos but they simply don't work. It is just a sheer waste of money, buying shampoos, some of which are touted to be very good or endorsed by some international superstar. It just does not work for me. Now the shampoos, some I have thrown, the rest I just kept in my cupboard now. Now I am trying on a super mild shampoo my wife bought for me in Japan as well as a stronger shampoo called Stieprox.

I have been receiving many letters from readers sharing their hair loss stories. If you would like to share your hair loss stories and experiences on using hair products or treatments, please comment to this blog post! We will learn and share from one another! Thanks for sharing and together we will fight hair loss together!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Does Newater cause Singapore Hair Loss?

This topic has been weighting on my mind for quite some time already. It is distressing to witness more and more Singaporeans, at a younger and younger age losing their hair prematurely!

Today, I just have a conversation with somebody who was from another country and came to Singapore to work, coming to Singapore, she started losing her hairs! Her friends who was from India also experienced thinning hair after she has come to Singapore!

I have heard many people lament that it is the water that Singaporeans drink that may contribute to the increasing trend of hair loss in Singaporeans and people living in Singapore. Their beef: No matter how diverse lifestyle, habits the people in Singapore live, they consume the same source of water: our water is now water mixed with NEWater, Newater is basically sewage water which is treated with chemicals and the chemicals could be instrumental in harming our hair follices, causing thinning and balding!

I have heard quite a number of people who spoke to me on their beliefs that Newater is contributing to the increasing hair loss situation in Singaporeans. Well, there is no proof of this premise unless the relevant authorities shed some light on what chemicals have been added to Newater, and whether these harm our hair follicles and cause thinning of hair.

In my personal opinion, I think it may really be due to Newater as Newater is just introduced into our reservoirs some years ago and it was only some years ago that more and more Singaporeans are balding and thinning their hairs. This is just my personal opinion, what do you think?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair Loss Cures

Dear All Readers,

I am back!

I was in Japan for a week, but throughout my vacation, I have tried to look for hair loss cures in Japan and yes, I found some, if you want to know more, do read my upcoming posts!

When it comes to Japan, technology asides, I must say that this tour is really a health-centric trip! There is so much to learn from the Japanese, from their culture, technology, right down to health.

The Japanese government gives its people the best food it can afford. Japanese milk is a must drink in Japan, I have never tasted such a tasty milk before!

One of the thing I must comment is their water. Japanese spring water is so full of minerals which can give one's the nutrients to function well for all his body parts and including hair; as compared to real pure water..... I am not so sure whether Newater, the water Singaporeans drink have much nutrients or not.

There are fewer balding Japanese as compared to Singaporeans. I believe their way of life, their health-centric atitude towards life, gives them the nutrients and vitamins to sustain their hair.

Their water too... fulls of minerals!

Somemore, Japanese love hot springs, a method where they get vital nutrients into their bodies via pores too!

Stay tuned for more of my learnings!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be back soon!

Dear All,

Many Thanks for your support!

Singapore Hair Loss Support will be back in Oct 09!

See ya!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hair Loss Cures

One of the cures for hair loss is to stop subjecting your hair to those very harsh treatments like gelling, waxing and heat treatment which are made of chemical and artificial ingredients!

I just have my hair waxed and gelled for my big day and I must tell you that using a normal shampoo to wash my hair is not good enough. At the end of the day, when I washed my waxed hair, I lose dozens and dozens of hair as the wax simply still stick on to my hair. After the wash, the hair is still waxed and I could feel the smell!

I must find a strong shampoo which can debond all those wax!

You see, readers, one way to prevent hair loss is to avoid using all chemical and harsh styling wax and gel! I could notice some artistes have thinning hair now, maybe its a result of all those styling, a part of their daily jobs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Loss

This was the article that appeared on the Straits Times last week. As the title indicates, this was an article on advertorial when advertising of some hair loss treatment centres are coupled along in 'info-tainment' (information and entertainment) variety shows, passing off as such shows, while having an inherent advertising slant.

I do not really endorse the many hair loss treatment centres here as I can say some of them or some people would say, most of them, employ upon those 'scare' tactics to scare off their customers into thinking that their hair is really in a bad shape (at times they are really, but at times, the hair loss centre folks just exaggerate). Out of fear tactic, they will ask you to sign for very expensive packages which many may fall into the trap as a result of fear!

Then there is another aspect of the modus operandi of a number of these hair loss centres which is the pricing of their products. If you are in a hair treatment centre, and the sales personnel show you a bottle claiming to be a panacea for your hair woes, pricing it at very high prices, the impression formed on the minds of many laymen would be that it is indeed something that can cure your distressing woes else it will not command such a premium!

I am quite sad today as I have received an unflattering remark that I look different now than a year ago due to my hair.

After hearing this, I feel very sad and think of the yesteryears when I have a crop of very thick and bushy hair like a lion's mane, never in my dreams, did I know that I will fall prey to hair loss and start to experience a thinning scalp!

The same experience must be shared by you as well, I hope we can share more on our battle against hair loss together on this blog!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alopecia Universalis

Singaporeans, if you are losing hair at age 20 onwards, you may consider yourself lucky if you read what this poor boy has suffered at the age of 10!

The boy featured in the news suffered from Alopecia Universalis which makes him bald at a young tender age of 10! Luckily the boy has since adopted a strong atitude towards life and refuse to let baldness hamper his future.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

Knowing when to stop with your hair loss treatment can save you lots of time and money.

Follicles are seeds of hair, if your scalp has no more follicles left, it is very hard for you to grow back your much cherished hair.

One camp of thought is that the follicles are always inside the scalp, with sufficient simulation or nutrients, the follicles will start to grow hair again.

Another camp of thought is that the follicles will shrink if one is balding to become so small and finally drop off and there is no way to grow back your hair unless one undergoes hair transplant which should be called follicle transplant instead.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

I would like to share a scalp treatment I had before which was quite uniquely different from what was offered in many hair loss treatment centres.

I should not name the company here but would just want to describe the unique procedures.

From the scalp treatments I have gone before which utlised herbal solutions, the procedures are as follows:

a) Apply garlic solution to open up the pores
b) Apply of the herbal lotion onto the scalp
c) Steam the scalp with the herbal lotion on, to immerse the nutrients deep into the scalp
d) Washing of the hair and drying

In this unique hair treatment salon, the procedures are uniquely different, it goes like this:

a) Washing of the hair and drying (you see, this is the last step of the method above)
b) 'Shooting' of infra red to your scalp to open up the pores
c) Apply nano minerals into your scalp for the follicles to absorb
d) Electric zapping cum combing to reinforce the immersion of the nutrients into the scalp

I must say that after this more unique hair treatment method which does not utilise any herbal lotion, I went back home with not only a hole in my pockets but also a hole in my hair as many strands of hair were lost through the aggressive electrical combing, my hair fell as though it was raining!

Then the so-called consultant took out a mirror and reflected the image of the 'lobang' in my hair and said, "You see you got such a big lobang, you must take up treatments now, else you will be like this man in the brochure (she showed me an uncle with a badly balded scalp)".

I was coerced and forced to sign up a package as she told me if I step out of the salon today, I WILL NOT get longer a 50% discount on the prices for all the hair loss treatments.

I was undeterred and off I went out, as I am confident I will find success doing my own methods, and yes, I finally found success in the books I recommended in this blog.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Female Hair Loss treatments:Tricomin Therapy Spray

Today, I would like to share about Tricomin Therapy Spray for women with thinning hair or balding problems.
Tricomin shortens the resting phase of the scalp follicles, stimulating more hair growth via the clinically-tested Triamino Copper.
For women with balding problems, you may try this solution.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair Loss

To understand hair loss, think of your scalp as consisting of thouands of hair follicles. Each normal hair follicle houses 3 or 4 strands of hair.
With balding, the hair follicle shrinks, so that the number of hair strands that are able to be accomodate become reduced to 1 or even zero! New strands of hair that grow become thinner in texture as compared to their predecessors. Eventually, the hair follicle will shrink until it becomes nothing more than just a bald piece of skin!
I have undergo scalp checks before at some trichologist centre and the scan that reveals my hair condition attest to that described above as explained by the trichologist.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hair Loss Treatment

(courtesy of The Straits Times)

With a myriad of hair loss treatments on the market, it can be mind boggling to choose a particular product or treatment which is most suited to one's needs.

Before you start to consider a good hair loss treatment or regime, it will be good to first understand the condition of your scalp: whether you have a dry, normal or oil scalp and then do the necessary.

I was shocked at the photo I saw in the newspapers lately: a China woman has hair which was strong enough to pull a heavy car for metres! It was incredile and it showed how strong her hair was!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hennai and Hot oil scalp massage for hair loss

One of the techniques used to combat hair loss is hot oil scalp massage, which may be more popular among the Indian community in Singapore. Hennai is another kind of scalp massage used by Indians to promote healthy hair!

In this kind of scalp massage, hot oils such as almond, olive and coconut oil are applied to one’s scalp before the scalp is massaged. Finally after the massage and a length of time, the scalp is washed off these oils.

Personally, I have not really experienced these kinds of scalp massages though I have, in the past, carried out scalp massage (minus the oil) myself.

Now I am really hesitant to apply any chemicals, natural or artificial to my scalp as who knows, these chemicals may irritate the scalp skin further!

I am advocating natural ways to cure hair loss via nutrition, the right shampoo and the right natural techniques! I learnt of the many natural techniques to cure hair loss via the E-book I have purchased (see post on 12 Jun 09) and have seen great improvements!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair Treatment Cures

There is an increasing number of hair loss treatment ads in the newspapers these days, promising results for all hair loss sufferers. The prices of these treatment centres have generally gone down, in response to the global economic meltdown when everyone is tightening their wallets and belts. Well, I would like to encourage all of you, hair loss sufferers to take opportunity of this opportunity of reduced hair treatment prices! We often heard that many of the hair loss victims do not see the results as promised by these centres, if you have been suffering from hair loss, this may be the good time to get a hair treatment at such reduced prices to see for yourself whether it works! For B101, the last I know of is a $18 treatment price but for Bee Choo, the price still remains. For your consideration and I wish you all the Best in your hair loss treatments!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hair Loss

There is now a worrying trend among Singaporeans: the thinning and receding hairline problem which besets many Singaporeans, at any increasing young age!
This problem is unprecedented before. just recall back many years ago, do we have so many people balding and hair thinning? The answer is no.

Some people attribute this problem to stress, diet in our country, others attribute this to the gamut of hair styling products, appealing to the increasing vanity of man, one people I even heard of said it might have to do with some new food or drink products that we partake!

Anyway, the best treatment in hair loss is prevention, however if that fails, the next best treatment would be mitigation (reduction of the hair loss) and if that fails, the ultimate step would be recreation (hair transplant).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

If you are thinking to do some free hair loss treatments, one of the things I would like to recommend you would be to do some scalp massage!

Scalp massage helps to replenish the blood flow in your scalp. With an increased blood flow in your scalp, your follicles will get all the proper nutrients and blood flow for them to start functioning!

You can give this technique a try!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop Hair Loss

If you are searching for that elusive cure to stop hair loss, you have come to the right place for advice for being a genuine hair loss sufferer myself, I can share with you my experiences of stopping hair loss.

Sorry to disappoint you, if you are thinking that there is a cure for hair loss, I would say there is not really a cure. What I will say is that there will exist one out of the myriads of treatments on the market that work for you. I hopped from one product to another, wasting time and money with not much improvements in sight till I found some treatments that minimize my hair loss drop: I saw improvements at last.

Well, my secrets lie in having two shampoos: one basic shampoo and the other is a harsher dandruff shampoo, both of which I used alternatively. Besides that, I practise the methods taught in the E-book I purchased (see my post on 18 Jun 09) and despites some doubts at internet books on whether they are scams, I experienced positive growth which continues till today! Some of my readers also experienced growth after using the tips contained in other E-books. You can find these and the E-book I used on the left side of this blog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Causes of Hair Loss

Though there exists on the Internet a myriad of explanations of causes for hair losses, broadly speaking I could just classify the causes of hair loss into two categories: 1) internal causes 2) external causes

Internal causes of hair loss stem from the body of the individual hair loss sufferer. Such causes could be due to the biological changes the sufferer experiences. Male pattern baldness is one type of baldness caused by the internal factors when the DHT levels in the sufferer’s body build up and attack the hair follicles.

External causes of hair loss stem from the environment surrounding the hair loss sufferer. Some forms of external causes of hair loss is the stress from workplace and using heavy chemicals on one’s hair.

However, we must note that the causes of hair loss can be contributed by both internal and external factors. For example, when one has a stressful and hectic lifestyle, he may have improper diet and insufficient exercise; as a result his internal body starts to break down: thus the external cause of hair loss leads to the internal cause as well, and both then contribute to hair loss.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thinning Hair

With my hair thinner than before, these days, it is painful when I am outside and experience a sudden gust of wind or a series of strong breezes. With a thinning crown of hair, the wind will tug at my remaining hair and pulls at the follicles! It is so painful and I have to orientate myself to another direction, facing the wind where this impact is less strong. I believe all hair sufferers would have suffered the same painful feeling as I.

Hair Growth

It is a natural cycle hair grows and hair falls. When the number of hair fallen is greater than the number of hair growing, we have the hair thinning and balding problem, an increasing seen problem these days. Balding or thinning hair takes place when the hair follicles start to die: without the seed of hair, growth of hair is impossible!

If you are suffering from thinning hair and balding, and wish to grow more hair; my first advice to you is to stop all external aggressors to your hair. STOP subjecting your hair to the myriads of hair treatments these days: hair dyeing, hair waxing, heavy blowing, and gelling. Give yourself a pat on the back for you have at least remove the obstacle to dropping more hair (does not mean once you stop these treatments, your hair will grow).

The second stage is hair growth. This is a more difficult stage. You can read up on my posts in the blog on the ways to achieve hair growth.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

Have you heard of the Follicular Unit Extraction method of hair transplant? If you have and are ready to proceed with the hair transplant, I would like you to watch a video first:

It seems scary but you would be put under local anesthetics, you should not be able to feel any pain. The results should be promising!

Singapore Hair Transplants

If you have been bald for a long time and have not been helped by the hair treatments so far and you are contemplating for a hair transplant, then you can consider a hair transplant.

Be prepared to foot out approximately $12,000 for a hair transplant surgery. The latest method of hair transplant is the Follicular Unit Extraction, which leaves lesser scars and should be less painful, see article.

1.1 million Singaporeans balding

A Healthway Medical Group study has put the figure of Singaporeans balding at 1.1 million, see
article.The results are hardly surprising to me. As an average Singaporean, I step out of the house each day to see many male and female Singaporeans with thinning hair or balding patches and many are quite young. I also suffer from hair loss though it is now improving after I have practiced the methods taught in the E-book (see my post on 18 June 09), this balding statistic should be greater, in my opinion.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

IHT 9 Hair Loss Shampoo

Over at the cyberspace, there is quite a hype over this hair loss shampoo. ‘IHT’ is the abbreviation for “Intensive Hair Treatment” and the number ‘9’ indicates that there are 9 types of herbs in this herbal shampoo.

A number of netizens have positive experiences with this hair loss shampoo. Some readers of my blog have also recommended this shampoo. 1 reader got this shampoo from a clinic, however I am not sure where the shampoo is sold in Singapore.
Any reader knows where this shampoo is sold in Singapore, please leave your comment to this post for the benefit of all hair loss sufferers, Thanks!

Hair loss cures

There are only 3 scientifically proven methods of combating hair loss: oral medication, Propecia; topical application, Minoxidil as well as hair transplants.

In the near future, this disturbing problem of hair loss may be a thing of the past with the advent of modern technology. Stem cell transplant to combat hair loss is getting some promising results on the test bed; how many years it would be before stem cell transplants become a clinical surgery available for the masses is still uncertain, but I believe one day, there will be a drug to promise a scalp full of hair!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

Dear all,

It has been a while since I last post. How are all of you? I am back again!

Today let me share the history of some hair loss treatments.

As you are battling with your hair loss and seeking cures to combat this dreadful disease, I would like to share with you that you are not alone in your fight against hair loss, this fight against hair loss dated back to some 4,000 years ago.

Back then, the ancient Egyptians might also have been losing hair (maybe not as common as today). A cure used around 1500 B.C was for a magic spell to be recited to the god of Sun, thereafter a mixture containing onions, iron, red lead, honey and alabaster was consumed. Whether or not it was effective, no one knew, but please do not try it today: you may lose your life!

Some 400 years after this cure, a common method to combat hair loss was gaining popularity among the masses: rubbing the fats of animals like lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, ibex, serpents and geese onto the scalp. Again, please do not go to the Singapore Zoo to hunt these animals, I do not want to hear another ‘white tiger mauling’ incident again.

The King of Upper and Lower Egypt consumed hair loss recipes, which are unimaginable: toes of a dog, refuse of dates, and a hoof of an ass. Though these Kings have now the essence of these animals in their bodies, most of the times, these recipes do not work.

Baldness was regarded as something shameful in ancient Egypt, with science and technology backdated then, little wonder that men and women tried all such unconventional means to regrow their hair.

It may be a solace to know that hair loss problems were experienced even in ancient Egypt, and the Kings and Royalty were not spared either! Nowadays, modern man has a myriad of hair loss treatment options, which those kings could only admire, and dream!

At those ancient times, baldness is tantamount to a man’s loss of virility, now we hear comments that bald men are ‘sexy and cute!’.

I discovered from my internet research that hair loss was also mentioned in the bible:

Old Testament, Kings 2: 23 “From there Elisha went to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. "Go on up, you baldhead!" they said "go on up, you baldhead!" He turned round, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths. And he went on to Mount Carmel and from there returned to Samaria.”

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Good Hair Loss Website for All Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair loss has become an increasing common and baffling problem for more and more Singaporeans. The thinning and balding problem is striking Singaporeans at a younger age and both sexes are not spared! One can see that indeed hair loss problem is getting more and more common judging from the proliferation of a myriad of hair loss products and treatment centres in Singapore.

Hair loss is indeed a worrying trend for many! The witnessing of dozens and dozens of fallen hairs each day can be baffling. So how does one deal with one’s hair loss? And which type of hair loss treatment is suitable for each hair loss sufferer?

I would like to recommend , a website which gives a comprehensive suite of information for all hair loss sufferers. This excellent website has information giving readers an indepth understanding of hair loss, the causes of the types of hair loss one may be suffering from as well as offering excellent reviews of hair loss products which are available on the market such as provillus reviews. And these are not all, this website also boasts a repository of useful articles and answers to frequently-asked-questions by hair loss sufferers. In a nutshell, this website is a gem of a website dedicated to all hair loss sufferers!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Singapore Hair Transplants

This is one of the many hair transplant procedure videos I have watched in Youtube.

Hair transplants may be the most effective and proven methods to regrow lost hair, but often the sight of the process may deter many: as it seems so painful to prick and poke a follicle into the bald scalp areas.

But one will be under local anathestics, the pain will be worth it if at least it works!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair Loss and Wisdom

Hair Loss may be a sign of wisdom.

Just look at those successful businessmen, how many of them are bald or have thinning hairs?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Discuss Your Hair Loss Here!

Dear All,

Many Thanks for supporting Singapore Hair Loss Support Group! Singapore's No.1 Blog on all things Hair Loss!

I have received hundreds of emails these months, with queries about Hair Losses, cures and more as well as praises for a Good work Done!

To add more interactivity to this blog, I have added in a chat box where readers can interact with other readers of this blog in REAL TIME! and share with one another on your hair loss experiences, experiences of your hair losses, reviews about products and so much more, just like I have shared with you on this blog!

Do make full use of this feature and I look forward to GREAT BUZZ on this blog!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Female Hair Loss Cures

Dear Reader,

If you are experiencing female hair loss, you should get this E-book Now as many of my female readers have reported Great improvement after practising the methods taught in the book! Best of Lucks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss Shampoos, Hair Loss Supplements and Hair Loss Cures

No kidding, above is the shampoos, lotions, pills, serums I have used during the course of my own treatment of my hair loss.

Some of these shampoos did not work at all, others shows some slight improvements.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Buy Female Hair Loss Products

Buy Female Hair Loss Products now! I have received many female readers' email sharing with me that the treatments mentioned in this E-book really benefits them! So what are you waiting for?

Hair Styling

Recently I tried hair styling and I must confess that hair styling is really a harrowing experience which really damages the hair!

All the chemicals, gels, sprays.... I lose more than the norm on shampooing the styled hair that night!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hair Loss

Today, in this post, I would like to share with all of you something personal, that is a ritual I carry out daily for the past 3 years since my hair starts to drop and drop and drop!

The ritual is counting of fallen hair! Do you know I still practise the counting of my fallen hairs everyday! After every shampoo and washing off the shampoos, I will crouch down on the bathroom floor, close my eye as my fingers reach for the drainhole of the bathroom. My fingers will then feel whether the hair shed today would be a lot or not. Then I slowly open my eyes to face the reality… as a bunch of fallen hairs greet me! But this bunch of fallen hairs have since decreased after I bought the E-book (see my previous posts) and learnt the great techniques to combat the loss in hair!

The same practice goes after every morning waking up. I shake my pillows and blanket to dislodge all fallen hairs and with these fallen hairs, count them to see whether there is an improvement.

Sometimes if you count fewer hair dropped during shampoo, do not be too happy! It may be due to the strong gust of wind you encountered before reaching home which has already blown a number of your hairs around in the public!

Hair Transplant Horror Stories

If you are a hair loss sufferer, and are contemplating a hair transplant, you should do your homework on the internet. There seems to be many hair transplant horror stories and one should get a good hair transplant from a competent professional!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hair Transplants

For people who have balded significantly and have given up on hair growth solutions or they have find no success in regrowing hair, the last resort is to undergo a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant? Basically the process involves the transplant of scalp follicles, which are still alive and functioning into the balding portions of the scalp. As a recap, people get bald, when their scalp follicles die and drops off, these seed of hair growth are then lost irreversibly.

However, the hair on our sides of the scalp are programmed for life! Hence to say, the follicles on the side of our head will last throughout our lifetime. Hair transplant will hence necessitate the transfer of these eternal follicles into the balding scalp for growth of hair at these balding regions.

Local anesthetic needs to be administered to the patient undergoing the hair transplant treatment for it will be a bloody affair... its like planting seeds, poke into the scalp and plant a seed.. its like sewing too. This is what I have watched from a video.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thinning Hair Problems

As one ages, one will have more and more of his or her follicles on the scalp dying off, the natural result is that by age 40, a good number of men and women experience thinning hair which can then become balding.

The vexing fact facing a number of young men and women is that the thinning problem starts VERY EARLY NOW! It is now more and more common to see more and more people BALDING and AT A YOUNGER AGE!

I am one of such young person who is balding and hence setting up this blog for all balding and thinning hair sufferers to unite and share resources.

I am seeing improvement after getting and reading the E-book (see the left side bar for the MUST READ E-BOOK), I will update and share with you folks on all hair loss topics and my experience in this blog on a regularly basis (I try to update the blog daily, unless really very busy).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thinning Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Females undergo many physical changes than men: be it the monthly menstruation, pregnancies or menopause, women certainly face more challenges than men in life as most women these days not only have to juggle with life, but also they have to play the role of a mother in their family. All these heavy tolls, added to the bio-changes that women experience, may cause hair loss in females.
So for females who are balding, rather than starting a treatment first hand, I would advise women to monitor the situation of their balding or thinning hair problems for a few months to ascertain whether the problem is temporary or whether more help is needed.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Female Hair Loss

If you are suffering from female hair loss, there is some GOOD news.

A female reader has reverted to me that she has seen improvements in her thinning hair problem as a results of following the advice

You may want to give it a try! if you are a female suffering from hair loss!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Care

Hair Care means caring for one's hair.. both internally and externally.

Internally: observe you consume sufficient vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth.

Externally: reduce stress, treat your hair with respect, avoiding chemicals, dyes, etc, sleep early. exercise regularly, use right kind of hair shampoos and products.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Hair Loss, Hair Loss Treatment Centres and Recession

The current economic meltdown which has gripped the world, has caused many to be retrenched or to have their wages cut or frozen, many people are troubled, stressed as their livelihoods are jeopardised or not as better as before.
With the recession,
a) more people become more stressed, have less appetitie, lesser sleep, more worried, this may lead to more suffering from hair loss
b) those people who have been going for hair loss treatments, may be cutting down either in part or totally their hair loss treatments. Also, some who are contemplating to visit a hair treatment centre for their hair loss woes may also shelve the whole idea altogether!
c) Those who suffer from hair loss due to this increased anxiety period may opt to visit the hair treatment centres if they really mind their outlooks very much and have trust in the hair treatment centres.
Hair loss treatment centres are now having many promotions these days (as evident from the newspapers). With reference to some of the phenomena I have quoted, these centres could be either riding a boom in business (reason c) or have their businesses in jitters too (reason b).
Are Hair treatment centres recession proof? As illustrated, it can be affected by recession either positively or negatively.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss Treatments

I hate to enter into a pharmacy and when ask about a hair loss product, the sales personnel will promote what they want to promote because of commissions.

Whenever, I ask these sales personnel more about the hair loss products, I discover that their knowledge are very limited and not comprehensive at all!

Thus when it comes to hair loss treatments, I believe the best person to treat oneself is YOU, yourself.

The way to go about treating oneself is to do lots of research online. But do not read one-faceted website, read a couple more before deciding whether to try (purchase) a hair loss product or not.

Else money and time will be inevitably be wasted, if an unsuitable hair loss is YET used again!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hair Loss & Hair Loss Shampoos

For many of you who have been switching from one hair shampoo to the other, hoping that one day, you will be able to find one hair shampoo which is able to stem your hair loss … … but to no success so far, I would just want to share with you on my beliefs.

The first belief, which is the better one is that you have not found the shampoo which is most suited to your scalp, that could help you improve your hair thinning problem. The second and the lesser kinder belief is that the root of your hair loss problems lies somewhere else and could not be mitigated by hair loss shampoos alone.

In fact, there are so many different reasons why one is balding or is suffering from thinning hair: stress, DHT, hereditary causes, malnutrition, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, wrong shampoos, hectic lifestyle, bad hair products….. the reasons run the whole spectrum.

When it comes to choosing a shampoo, rather than be persuaded by advertisements and be wowed by superstars’ endorsement or some displays of excellent results scattered around in the newspapers, what one could do is to STUDY THE INGREDIENTS OF THE SHAMPOOS ONE WOULD WANT TO BUY.

I have a collection of shampoos at home, I could tell you that most of the shampoos contains up to 60% or 70% similar ingredients with others, except for that particular ingredient unfound in others but contained in them that make them unique.

For hair loss shampoos, that ‘particular ingredient’ found in them are mostly of herbic content, either from the West or the Orient.

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