Monday, April 20, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss: I am Back! and the Battle againist hair loss will Continue!

Dear All regular readers!
I am back after a long long period! Hope you all no miss me!
First of All, millions of apologies to All of you for coming back to read my blog everyday to see whether there are any updates of our steadfast battle against hair loss.
Indeed, the battle of hair loss is a long one. Many Thanks for being with me to battle this scourge, this bug bear of the modern era. Unity is Strength!
Yes, throughout these days, I am busy in a retreat. Just like those martial arts exponents who went into retreat to better their skills to fight their nemesis, the same applied to me!
I have spent some weeks inside a natural cave in Singapore's only hill, Bukit Timah and has only feed on some fresh water and wild fruits during my retreat in Bukit Timah. There I have made friends with the 'Permanent Residents' there: monkeys! After observing how monkeys shed their hair and observing the fall and rise of the Sun, the moon and the stars, I have Great news for all of you: I have good news to share with All of YOU!
You may be wondering whether I leave the cave of the retreat like a top martial exponent, with INCREASED and FREE FLOWING LONG LONG HAIR, flying out and wielding the long sword to kill that scourge called Hair Loss!
You have to stay tuned to read on what I have discovered!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Medical Assistants

With Singapore’s economic in the doldrums and where retrenchments are hogging the headlines of the dailies almost everyday, it is imperative that Singaporeans constantly find new work opportunities. Economic recession is a good period for retraining of oneself to be equipped with the skills and qualifications for his next career.

Medical Assistant is one of the professions that is slated to be fastest growing in the next few years, Singaporeans can well consider taking up this position when the economy picks up. Singaporeans should think not only locally but globally in terms of career choices. If there are not enough jobs in Singapore, Singaporeans should try to explore securing jobs in other countries. The opportunities of medical assistant are picking up globally.
One can earn the qualifications of a medical assistant via online distance-learning from Medical Assistant Schools. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is one such school which offers a comprehensive medical assistant curriculum. With the economic downturn slated to be protracted, it pays to acquire additional skills and qualifications to weather the vagaries in the economy.

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