Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clear hair shampoos

Haiz.. after using Kanz shampoo for a month and a half, I did not see much improvement in my hair fall! as my scalp is still as oily as before.
It is then with much regret and sadness that I decided to try another shampoo again. My philosophy is that shampoos form a paramount factor is the scalp health of a person. If a shampoo does not work, then throw it away! and buy a new one!
This time round, I bought a bottle CLEAR shampoo (brand is clear, not the colour is clear), with scalp oil control properties, containing essence of lemon juices too. Almost all CLEAR shampoos are touted to rid the dandruff in a person's hair and are clinically proven. But it seems that Google does not give much information about the origins of CLEAR shampoos when I ran a check on it earlier.
I am now exploring the use of lemon, mint of lime on curing hair loss. I believe there must be something beneficial in these little fruits on one's scalp.
I bought the shampoo for only $2.50, this is less than 10% of what I normally bought for hair loss shampoos.

Remember a cheap shampoo may work more effectively than an expensive one. The most important thing is to ensure the shampoo one uses really matches his scalp condition!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bee Choo Hair Treatment

I just returned to Bee Choo Hair Treatment again recently to rid my hair of all the oil which has accumulated deep inside my pores.
I feel refreshed after the scalp cleansing by Bee Choo Hair Treatment Centre and my hair really became a lion mane after treatment each time.
It is amazing, my hair volume increased tremendously after the session.. as the scalp cleansing helps to unbind all the oil that binds the hair together, giving one's hair a fuller and fluffy look.

Lemon : Cure for hair loss?

I have searched hard and far for a hair cure for balding people like me. Just recently it has dwelled on me that lemon may be a natural cure for hair loss.. did a google on lemon and hair loss and to my expectation, many have cited the power of lemon as a natural cure for hair loss. So it may be worthwhile to give shampoos with lemon extracts a try!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Air con and Hair Loss

People may drop more hair when they are holed up in air-conditioned places as the drier the air, the more oil one secretes in his scalp or skin.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Female Hair Loss and Female Pattern Baldness

On the whole, there are still relatively fewer female hair loss sufferers in Singapore than male hair loss sufferers, just look at the street, one will spot a balding man here and there but less often, a balding woman. That is also probably why we have the term ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ to describe the genetic balding in males. But we should not be na├»ve, there is also a symptom called the female pattern baldness!

I have read that usually no matter how a woman bald, her front will still be ‘protected’, thus I was very surprised when I saw a bald lady in the MRT last Saturday. She was almost 100% bald…

She is a woman and is bald.. imagine she has to bear the stares of passer-bys each day. I am a man.. I should be braver and act like a man.. balding shouldn’t matter to me much, though I would try my best to protect my hair.

Oily scalp

I have more and more reasons to suspect that my hair loss is really due to oily scalp. I could even smell the oil emanating from my scalp. These days, I have dropped more and more hair. Despites using Stieproxl, my scalp is still oily! It is time to go to Bee Choo Hair?

Herbal Hair Treatment

Can herbal hair treatment really cure hair loss?

After every herbal hair treatment, I find that my scalp is really very clean. Does herbal hair treatment cure hair loss by ridding of the excess sebum and dirt which clog the scal pores or it has a double action as well: providing nutrients for the scalp pores to grow more hair too?

Herbal Hair Treatment

Can herbal hair treatment really cure hair loss?

After every herbal hair treatment, I find that my scalp is really very clean. Does herbal hair treatment cure hair loss by ridding of the excess sebum and dirt which clog the scal pores or it has a double action as well: providing nutrients for the scalp pores to grow more hair too?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oily hair loss

I have been balding since June 2006. Till now, I am not sure whether my hair loss is due to MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) or due to oily hair (as I have real oily scalp!)

It may be due to a combination of both, with one factor more dominant than the other. That explains why shampoos are really the first line of defence against hair loss.

If our scalp is oily or dirty, hairfall will be more, inevitably.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More and More Singaporeans to lose their hair

In these trying times, where thousands of Singaporeans have lost their job and are fretting over monetary affairs, putting that rice of bowl on their family table, getting lower wages, living in fear of being retrenched, it is inevitable that more and more Singaporeans are expected to lose their hair during these economic trying times.

Frustration, anxiety, loss of sleep, exercise and appetite are some of the symptoms Singaporeans suffering from the whammies of recessions have to contend with and these are so often associated with hair loss.

Jobs may be lost, salaries may be cut, but one should cherish and value the most important asset he has: Health.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hair Loss

Let us be practical. Many Hair Loss Sufferers like me are seeking hair loss cures that could tackle hair loss rapidly.

Truth be told, battle against hair loss takes years. Sometimes, we are using a hair loss product that does more harm than cure and we thought that our baldness is getting more and more severe!

Thus, we should relax more and aim to reduce hair fall gradually.

We should be practical too in that we will never have the same thickness of hair prior to hair loss, we should be glad if we could stem hair loss and have some hair left!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Audace Hair Loss Shampoo

Anyone use Audace Hair Loss Shampoo before? Care to share your experiences if you have used? Thanks!

Singapore Barbers should charge lesser for Balding Singaporeans

It can be an embarrassing moment for balding Singaporeans to step foot in Barber salons for a good and neat hair cut.

Though balding Singaporeans do have some bald spots, the rest of the scalp is still producing hair and as such these portions of the scalp still do deserve some trimming and cutting.

As a victim of hair loss myself, I personally experience what it is like to have your hair cut while balding: the entire hair cutting process is completed in a blink of an eye and yet we still need to foot the same amount as that of a normal non-balding scalp.

It is time for Singapore barbers to charge lesser for Balding Singaporeans!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Balding Singaporeans

I looked at the photos of myself taken a year ago..
I was dashing with that crop of hair like a typical TCS star, but fast forward to where I am today, there is indeed a huge difference.
Thousands and thousands of hair has separated the present me from who I was a year ago..... this is the figure and counting of the hair which I have dropped.
There is no point crying over split milk. I have accepted that I have joined the realm of thousands of balding Singaporeans.. looks do fade over time... but things in life such as love will be eternal.
Look forward, hair loss sufferers. We should not be so focus on what we have lost, but be contented with what we have: good family, health, etc.
To the hell with the outside world if they have obtracised you for being bald or balding.. these are artificial people who do not know that things in the world are all but temporal. Each of us living on earth is also a temporary being... tens of years, we will be why should we focus so much on our hair loss as to deprive ourselves from living to the fullest!
Cheer up! This is Singapore Hair Loss Support Group, the President, speaking. I will be always with you, balding Singaporeans, young and old!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos

When it comes to buying hair loss shampoos, people normally go for the brand, hardly do they go for whats in the ingredients.
Its more important to know what ingredients are in your shampoo, whether these will help you, rather than relying on a particular brand to help you cope with your hair loss.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rexsol Nixodil Hair and Scalp Super Revitaliser

I bought the bottle of Rexsol Nixodil Hair and Scalp Super Revitaliser from my favorite shop today at $32. It was recommended by the stall assistant to beat hair loss. I will gonna try it and let you users know the results soon.

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