Sunday, May 31, 2009

Health Ministry confirms fifth (5th) case of H1N1 in Singapore

Another confirmed case of H1N1 in Singapore. Like the preceding 4 cases, the victims of the H1N1 victims returned from United States. This case is the 5th!
Initially, the local health authorities kept a close tab on all Singaporeans and tourists returning to Singapore from Mexico at the very onset of the H1N1 case late last month; but the recent cases pointed to the fact that most of the victims might have contracted the disease in United States.
Anyway, H1N1 is not as lethal as initially thought; thus Singaporeans may be resting on their laurels but judging at the disease, I believe if caught off-guard, H1N1 will spread fast and rapidly among our community here. It is great that Singapore has put in place a rigorous and comprehensive plan to contain the disease in Singapore. Singapore is also fortunate to have some weeks to prepare for the disease while sporadic cases of H1N1 were still spreading.

The book on Baldness

I spotted this book on balding at the Popular books sales at Singapore Expo today, being sold at $8. I read the introduction and learnt that this book is a sharing of the balding experiences of a man who started balding at age of 16 and his attempts to cure his balding.

Like him, I want to tell my story.. but I tell my story in this blog and hope to interact with you readers on our experiences of hair loss.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss Cures

This morning, I woke up to see many strands of fallen hair on my bed and floor! The situation today was drastically different from yesterday where only a few strands of hair fell. I wondered what happened. I have used Biolyn serum yesterday as well as the shampoo, but what a loss of hair!

These few weeks, my hair loss which has entered into its third year has become more aggressive, judging by the increased number of fallen hairs per day.

"A rose is always the prettiest before it withers and falls", this adage applies to all balding men too, I believe. When men bald, there will be a stage when they will, with their balding patch looks the most charming, after that, things will swing into action and the hair loss will be much aggravated and balding will continue to the fullest.... I seriously hope that I am not at this stage now.

Anyway, I used the 'K' shampoo again to rid my oily scalp. I think I need to use this shampoo a few times per week to rid my oily scalp else hair loss will be even more.

Later, I will use biolyn serum again on the top of my scalp.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Biolyn Hair Loss Shampoos and Balancing Serum: my progress

Today, I woke up, to find few strands of hair drop! Wow, Biolyn is so effective? Well, it takes some more days to confirm.
I went to jog today. Washing hair, find some strands of hair dropped, lesser than normal. But on days after jogging, the number of hair fallen is not an accurate reflection of fallen hairs, because many might have been dropped during jogging.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Biolyn Scalp Balancing Serum

Nothing fantastic happens on the first morning after I used Biolyn Scalp Care shampoo. Lot of hair were strewn all over my bed and floor. Its a depressing sight but I have gotten used to it these years, facing the fallen hair everyday of the past few years.

Washing hair wise, I noticed a fewer fallen hairs, but could must wait a few more days to deduce that Biolyn is indeed working.

At night, I applied the balancing serum on my bald scalp. My goodness! I thought serum is liquid! I poured a handful on my scalp and it was like pouring brown glue on my scalp! The feeling is quite uncomfortable (as I poured too much).. hope my hair will not be all gone tomorrow due to overkill!

Anyway, Biolyn scalp care shampoo is brown in colour, a surprise to me. I noted one of the active ingredients in the shampoo is Indian Hennai, which is popular in the Indian culture as hair healing ingredients, that may explain its colour.

I am sorry if I do not respond to each of your comment, but I always taken all readers' comments to heart.

Personalized kids placemats

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Biolyn Scalp Defence Shampoos & Balancing Serum

TIRED of losing hundreds and hundreds of hair per day and using ineffective shampoos, today I bought a bottle of Biolyn Scalp Defence Shampoo which comes with a complimentary bottle of 35ml hair serum for $29.90!
Everytime, I buy a new shampoo yet again, I am full of hope and promise, tomorrow looks bright as I hope that the new shampoo I buy will really cure my hair loss.
But I was disappointed time after time, as I bought shampoos after shampoos every month so much so that I have a number of shampoos in my home now. Many shampoos have failed me. Of all the shampoos which I have bought, one which did not failed me was Stieprox shampoo as it is effective to rid one's scalp of its oilness and itchiness which may arise due to the formation of dandruff.

I have spent a bomb on shampoos. Hope that this highly touted Biolyn shampoo will not disappoint me further. I will update my progess using this shampoo here soon, so visit this site regularly. Thanks!

Hair Loss Cures may lie in Sox21 gene!

Dear All Readers, this post may be something new to many of you! (including I who have done lots of research on hair loss and have been doling out my experience and advice here on this blog).

Today "The Straits Times" featured an article which mentioned the hair loss experiments scientists have carried out on mouse. They discovered that mouses who are 'stripped off' of a gene called SOX21 in their bodies, will start to lose their hair real fast (see picture). They have hence established an inextricable link between deficiency of SOX21 gene with hair loss in mouse. Similarly, they have also discovered that balding human shared a deficiency in the SOX21 gene too!

Well, this blog post may be one of the most promising post so far in this blog to many of you! Soon we may be having SOX21 gene transplant to cure our hair loss woes. However, the same article reported that the study is still in its infancy stage, many years of further research will be needed before a hair loss drug linked with SOX21 may be developed.

So if you are young and balding, you may be able to establish your hair in your lifetime should the SOX21 pill becomes reality!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hair Loss Shampoos recommended by readers

Readers recommend these shampoos: IHT-9 and Gaiapharm shampoos in their replies to my blog post.

I am not sure whether these really work for the readers, I am not sure whether these shampoos work for you, I am not sure whether these comments are put up by marketers putting up their posts, but I am sure I will like to share these information with ALL of You!

For me, I am not contemplating yet another change of shampoos. I have been buying and using many shampoos but all to no use. It is really disheartening to see my money gone into buying yet another ineffective shampoo!

I am losing faith in these hair loss shampoos…..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hair for Hope

Dear All,

IF you are losing your hair, balding everyday, why not just shave it (your hair) ALL OFF for a Good Cause?

Please see Hair for Hope for details.

I am still pondering over to DO it or NOT.

Natura Vita Hair Loss Shampoos

Dear All,

I am back again after a long pause.

I regret to come back after so long but was held back by tons of work and commitment, and when I get home, off I go to bed liao..

Just want to update you my progress.

Well, my hair loss is getting worse and worse. Dozens of strands of hair were all over my bed and floor the moment I woke up these days. Initially I have thought it was due to my long hair so I had gone for a trim (the barber could not cut much hair, lesser hair cut each time I visit the barber… haiz) but my hair fall still continued.

The top of my hair is getting sparser and sparser. Just one month ago, I bought a shampoo called Natura Vita which was highly recommended by a salesman in Watson. The word ‘Guaranteed’ was even used. In the initial days of use, there was a slight reduction but after some time, it was back to normal!

I can tell you I have a number of shampoos with me now: all which are useless, disappointing to me and cost me my money! All those shampoos touted to work just fail me! Do I need to go use Minoxidil?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dog Gifts 101

As the saying goes, “A dog is man’s best friend.” Dog owners will find how true the saying is! Dogs are most probably the most loyal pets to man and do so much good jobs for its owners. It is hence time dog owners lavish their dogs for their great services!

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These days, many doggies also go shopping and overseas traveling with their owners. Consider getting quality Dog Carriers for your doggies, which span the gamut from the airline-approved dog carriers to the causal tote dog carriers. Your doggie will be able to travel in style and comfort the next time it goes out with you!

Dog Clothes are a must for your doggie. Which doggie does not want to look its best? Select the dog clothes, which best match the style of your doggie for its wearing both at home and outside.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Economic Crisis and Singapore Hair Loss

The Chinese TV news featured an interesting report on the link between economic crisis and the increasing hair loss problems of Singaporeans, males or females, in general.

As reported, the reigning economic crisis creates a disproportionate amount of stress and worry for many Singaporeans and this translates to more suffering from hair loss!

Dr Eileen Tan, a renowned Singapore dermatologist, shared her views in the special report and on the available medications and treatments that are available for balding Singaporeans. As usual, these are Minoxidil, Propecia, Scalp injections and hair transplants.

Bee Choo Hair once again

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I consulted Bee Choo Hair once again after uncontrolled falling of huge volumes of hair after the overseas tour.

These days, I visit Bee Choo Hair monthly. I have been visiting Bee Choo Hair for a year, though I see no improvement, I still believe there is some contributions from Bee Choo Hair as Bee Choo will help to cleanse the scalp, which if uncleansed for long, will result in lots of hair loss.

After every Bee Choo, my scalp feels very clean and my thinning crowning glory actually becomes very fluffy! However the fluffiness dies away as soon as I washes my hair after going home!

Dropped lots of hair after overseas trip

These days coming back after a long overseas tour, I realized, to my horror, my hair really drop a lot and A LOT!

Waking up, I could find my bedroom floor strewn with dozens and dozens of fallen hair.

And in my study in the morning, after I was done with the computer, I just took a glance at the floor and horrors befall me, there were dozens of strands of fallen hair as well!

When one went for tour, as in my case, one will definitely play a lot, sleep a little, drink little, eat not so healthily, and has to adjust to a totally different climate! All these inevitably will take a toll on one’s health and not to mention hair health!

Thus it may be not surprising my hair takes a turn for the very worse as all strands of hair seems not to recognize the scalp as their home and mistook the floor as their homes.

I have no choice but to consult Bee Choo Hair Treatment again!

Lost many Hairs in one afternoon!

Dear readers, so sorry I am back after a long overseas recreation. I apologize for not updating my blog regularly, but don’t worry, from today, you will see more regular postings here on my blog. Thanks for your support!

I would just want to share with all of you my experience.

As I have mentioned earlier, I was overseas last week, on recreation. On one of those days, I went to a theme park and had rides of my life there!

I went on a roller coaster, 360 degrees twisting and turning, everyone was screaming and shouting as though they were going to die! But the daredevil in me was calm and relaxed and it was really no kick for me!

Then, I proceeded to the Viking. Another ‘No Kid’ stuff. If I could endure the 360 degree roller coaster, what is the Viking to me? I survived the Viking pushes and tilts easily.

Finally, I proceeded to the Greatest challenge in the theme park, called the Depth. Basically, the Depth was actually a ride which takes passengers up to the very top, overlooking the whole of the theme park. Then in a flash, the Depth plunged down all the way, leaving the passengers screaming and shouting. Wow, all the passengers shouted as though they were going to die, but not me. I just found it normal only.

At night, when I took a bath and looked at the mirror, I was surprised that my already thin hair has worsened! Traces of bald flesh were evident in the middle of my crown!

I reckoned the daredevil rides today, which pulled, pushed, twisted, turned my hair in all directions has really an impact: by uprooting many hair follicles and cause lots to drop. I was beyond words as I stared at the mirror and even my girlfriend noticed what a great difference an afternoon ride could do damage to my thinning crown!

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