Friday, February 27, 2009

Singapore Hair Loss

Haiz.. these days I could never see the top crop of my hair.. think I have really bald....

Hair loss is a sickening disease, it can seem to continue unabated ...

Hair Loss Cures

What are the hair loss cures you are seeking?
To know what should be the cures you should seek, you should know what causes your hair loss?
It is not easy to determine the cause of hair loss.. it could be genetics, diet, use of wrong shampoo, stress, medication and more.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How many Singaporeans are balding now?

I have read an article that close to 200,000 Singaporeans are balding or have thinning hair!

I think the number is set to rise in face of the worsening economic recession and the unhealthy diets of Singaporeans.

I am one of them :( this is one statistics which I do not want to be part of!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Only Cure for hair loss

These days, I try not to think too much about hair loss.

All the shampoos, lotions I have ever bought and treatments experimented did not work for me at all.

So I just let nature takes its course and I am more or less prepared for my fate pf being bald.

Many of hair loss sufferers spend lots of money and time to save that strand of hair but little did they know that the only cure for hair loss costs nothing at all and this cure is just to Accept yourself and be confident!

Aware of this fact, I am still stubborn and will not succumb to hair loss without a good fight!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food and Hair Loss

Eat less MSG and salty food everyday and see whether you can witness a fewer strands of fallen hair each day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair loss and first impression

First impression is important to everyone; who does not want to make a good impression?

Unfortunately, I have to admit balding people like me have to work extra hard to make a good impression as sorry to say, man does always look at the exterior factor and then the interior factor after sometimes.

Be it first impressions at interviews, first dates or meetings, balding people like us have to rely on our CONFIDENCE, we must be CONFIDENT and exude CONFIDENCE. Hair loss is no big deal, we should not let this disease cripple our plans and goals for the future!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments & the Economic Recession

With the economic recession, retrenchments making the headlines almost daily and Singaporeans tightening their wallets, should hair loss sufferers still continue to spend money on treating their hair losses?
Hair loss treatments are not cheap! With the scores of hair loss treatment centres promising results, it will be a double whammy if one spends money in this economic recession when wallets are tightening on treatments that promise no result, and a triple whammy if one loses even more hair after the treatments.
I believe, hair loss treatment centres will be scaling down their operations, closing some outlets as the economic crisis continues to bite deeper and deeper...
In this unpredictable times, it is your crowning glory important or that bowl of rice you put on your table for your family?
Not to say, I discourage hair loss sufferers to stop or reduce hair treatments these days, they should continue if they see results, else if they do not see results after many treatments, its time to say bye.....
but for those hair loss sufferers who have signed up and paid for a package, it may be hard to say bye bye...

Monday, February 16, 2009

10 cents or 50 cents

I was having my haircut yesterday when I heard the barber cutting the boy's hair next to me dishing out some anti-balding advice which I think are not that accurate.
"You have to treat your 10 cent coin before it becomes a 50 cent coin"
"Apply garlic or vinegar to kill the bacteria and promote hair growth"
I do not agree with the second advice: it is too risky, this advice is an old man's tale, akin to pouring whisky or martell on your scalp in an effort to promote hair growth.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cutting my hair

I cut my hair today.
The process is fast and getting faster with every monthly barber trip! A sign that I am really becoming more and more bald?
Anyway I could feel the barber touching on my scalp, a feeling that I have never feels before.. my balding seems worse and worse.
Anyway its GREAT and CLEAN to have my hair cut short.... easy to wash, easy to dry and hope this will lead to less hair falling.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Air con and Hair Loss

I notice my skin will get oiler when I am in a heavily air-conditioned room. This leads me to wonder: will prolonged stay in an air-conditoned room causes more hair loss?
You see, if your skin is more oiler in air-conditoned room, your scalp will be more oiler too.. and the more the oil is on your scalp, the more clogged are your follicles and the more hair you will lose.
What do you think of my theory?

Hair Loss: Cause of Symptom

I have been taught a concept called System Thinking before and I have applied this concept to hair loss, here it goes:
Do not think your hair loss is a cause of falling hair. Many people seeing their hair falling in th dozens, think hair loss or male pattern baldness is the CAUSE of this. They could be partly correct, but if we apply System thinking in this case, hair loss could well be the SYMPTOM... of a more insidious disease in one's body.
If you are worried after reading this post, do a health check up soon! All the Best!

Hair loss shampoos

Shampoos play a critical part in staving off hair loss. Be sure to observe the following tips about the role of shampooing in the combat against hair loss.
1. Use the Right shampoo (which can combat hair loss)
2. Use the Right amount of shampoo (do not be kiasu and use a lot of shampoo, you will spoilt your scalp)
3. Adopt the Right technique of shampooing your hair (wrong technique will not remove any impurities)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Calculate Hair Loss

If you find your fallen hair at the toilet sink lesser these two months, do not be happy especially if you are in Singapore.
For the wind in Singapore EVERYDAY is so strong that it will blow many strands of your fallen hair off your head on the streets, thus you may go home, shampoo to find your fallen hair lesser.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Be part of Singapore Hair Loss Support Group: Share, Leverage and Overcome Hair Loss together!

Dear supporters of my Hair Loss Support Group, Many Thanks for following my blog.
I am calling for YOU to be part of the Singapore Hair Loss Support Group, the Number 1 Singapore Hair Loss Support Group for ALL hair loss sufferers.
Singaporeans or not, YOU are most welcome to JOIN me in fighting the scourge of hairloss which has destroyed the self-esteem of many and not to mention emptied the pockets of a good number too as money is spent on treatments that are not effective as they are touted to be.
If you are like me suffering from hair loss, been trying for many products only to find that they do not work, fret no more! Unity is Strength in fighting this unfathomable problem called hair loss. Let us leverage on what we have been experiencing, be it the symptoms of hair loss, the treatments which work (or not) for us.
Knowledge is most important in fighting the scourge of hair loss. Hair loss does not wait for YOU, it will be just a matter of time before your hair becomes bald if ineffective treatments are still being sought. Instead of trying one product (hair loss product) after another, why not we UNITE and LEVERAGE on our experiences and knowledge to shorten the trial curve of finding THAT TREATMENT which REALLY WORKS for us? And not to mention EXPOSE those treatments WHICH ARE JUST BLUFFING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY?
As a start to this support group, I wish we hairloss sufferers can exchange stories on our own experiences of hairloss: the causes for our hair loss, our experiences in our combat against this troubling symptom, and our current treatments undergoing, not to mention what works and what not works for us, based on our experiences.

I am hoping that through such exchanges we can leverage on each other experiences and learn more effective possible treatments without spending unnecessary large amounts of money on useless products which do not work.

So I would appreciate if you could drop me an email on your experiences to date on your combat against hairloss for me to share with readers. I will put the post up on my hairloss blog and fellow readers may contribute their comments on your experiences, You are free to include questions you want feedback from the readers on in your email. This could be a good start. Over time, when there is a good number of active members contributing posts in my blog, we can even leverage on more ideas to build up our group.
DO NOT WORRY, your confidential details will not be published together with the blog. Just give me a name which you would like to use for your published blog. Together with this, I will just add to the sex (male or female) and an age range (20+, 30+, 40+, etc)
DO NOT WAIT NOW, drop me an email NOW!
For readers who do not relish sharing your experiences on Singapore Hair Loss support group, feel free to check out my posts on this blog where Mr Singapore Hair Loss warrior will share with you my journey in fighting this detestable HAIR LOSS!

I believe your contributions will not only benefit other readers but also yourself, so wait no more, email me your experiences now:
I Wish All of US a year where we WILL see improvements in our hair.
I beseech urnestly to join me in the fight towards the disease that is spreading like wildfire in Singapore. Together we will extinguish this hair loss fire before it claims more victims.

Your Sincerely,

Administrator of the Singapore Hair Loss Support Group

Thanks and Regards,

Words of Wisdom

"We cannot control hair loss but we can control our atitude towards hair loss" - Singapore Hair Loss Support Group

Be Positive.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Windy weather and hair loss

These days, the weather is unkind to hair loss sufferers like me: it is super windy!
I believe many will agree with me that their nicely combed hair before going out will be in tatters after they step into the open as the strong winds will bound to ravage every strand of their hair, even for those who gelled their hair.
So what to do to combat the strong force of nature? If one is to gel his hair to combat against the strength of the wind, he needs to apply lots and lots of gel to his hair (and it is damaging to do this on one's hair).
If one is to wear a cap, one's blood flow to the head will be constricted, killing off hair follicles.
So what should one do?

Shift workers and hair loss

I noticed most of the shift employees in companies I work for, those working shifts including night shifts have sparse hair.
Is it due to them not sleeping when it is the biological time to do so that causes their hair to thin?
It is a probable reason as if one's physical health is compromised, hair loss is very likely.
Remember our body heals itself during sleep, especially during 11 pm to 2 am.

Counting fallen hair

Since the start of my hair loss, I have adopted a habit: counting fallen hair.
I tend to count my fallen hair on waking up each day, after a shampooing at the toilet sink and during combing.
I am always shocked to see tons of hair at the bottom of my bedroom floor and pillows everyday I wake up.
I hate to be outside when my hair is blown topsy-turvy: lots of hair will drop and after been blown from by such winds, when I proceed to shampoo, lesser strands of fallen hair are seen: but this is a deception. Thus I cannot know the real number !
Outside of home, you are dropping hair every few seconds, minutes or hour. The norm for a healthy person is to drop 100 hair (max) per day, but how can we know how many strands of hair we drop outside of home? We lose these strands of hair unnoticeably...

How many Singaporeans are balding?

According to a publication I read, there is an estimated 200,000 Singaporeans who are experiencing balding. I believe this number is set to soar each year as the number of hair treatment centres in Singapore proliferate. They do not proliferate without a reason right?
There is an estimated number of 1 million foreigners in Singapore. I have noticed that many young Indian and Bangadesh workers have balding spots. I think it may be due to their diets. I notice how these workers eat lots and lots of rice laden with heavy curry in almost every meal.
Diet plays a critical part in hair health. Lots of oil, curry, chilli is a no-no to hair health. Not to mention sleep. Please sleep before 12 am everyday else it is no good for your hair.

Mediacorp male artistes with thinning hair

As compared with the past few years, I have seen some Mediacorp male stars' hair not as thick as before.
Most noticeably: Qi Yu Wu who now sports a super short hair style as seen in 'The Little Nonya', Bryan Wong and Tay Ping Hui.
I do not know whether they are balding, but it is not suprising if artistes bald as they are afterall, humans.

As artistes, if they bald, it may affect their appearances which are very important in their line of work. However if artistes put hair wigs during fliming, how can we audiences at home detect too?
One young male artiste who has balded is Yao Wen Long, a Star Search 1993 Finalist together with the winner, Ivy Lee. But it seems not to affect his career as he is still often seen in TV, though now he also take on some 'uncle' roles.
Actor Wang Yu Qing, Ye Shi Ping have even endorsed some hair wigs products. Many other local artistes like Ben Yeo, Terence Cao, Chen Zhi Cai, Cassandra See have endorsed hair treatment centres like Beijing 101 and Yunnam.
Image is very important to a female. If you are a male and suffering from baldness and are affected by it, think again how you will feel if you are a female! Balding females have it worst as looks are often deemed to be important attributes of ladies since time immemorial.
It is sad to see nowadays hair loss problems are not confined to young men in Singapore too, I am starting to see more loose hairs on young ladies these days.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Newater causes hair loss?

I have heard someone in the train sometime ago, mentioning a possible reason why more and more Singaporeans are losing hair and at a younger age.

That particular person pointed to Newater as the cause of hair loss as Newater has been introduced into Singapore reservoir just some years back. He pointed out his foreign servant has been losing hair since she comes to Singapore. Singapores.

Any comments on that? By the way I do drink tons of water cooler daily during work, hearing his comment, I am scared.

Long time no see!

Tonight, I just attended a gathering and was shocked to see a man I knew but have not met for years..... hair thinning like me liao (actually more)!
It is not the first time I knocked into someone familiar, someone whom I have not seen for years, whose heads become botak or hair thinned significantly.
I hope one day, I will not be that 'someone' to some friends whom have not seen me for years.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unique hair problem

Everyone hair problem is as unique as his fingerprints.

Every hair loss sufferer is made up differently physically, has different scalp composition, diet etc: all these made each hair loss problem unique.

The standardised treatment of hair loss treatment centres for all hair loss sufferers should not be the way. It is hence inevitable that many were left without much improvements to their hair and also a big hole was burnt in their pockets.

Only YOU can solve your own problem. Do not rely on medicines of treatments anymore if they do not work. Do your own research and combat your hair loss before it is too late!

Eastern, Western and Natural Hair Cure tips

Western hair loss combat tip is to direct more blood flow to the scalp, thus we have medicines like Minoxidil, Regaine, which are believed to dilate the blood vessels in our head so as to direct more blood to our scalp, nourishing our scalp follicles. Certain hair loss therapies may involve the use of laser beams to direct more blood flow to the scalp.
Eastern anti hair loss tips exhort an 'inner-outer' approach, inner approach relies on traditional chinese medicine to strengthen the kidneys which is related to hair health and outer approach is via hair treatments using Chinese herbs to strengthen the hair roots.

A natural approach is to clean the scalp thoroughly, rid it of all the oil and dirt which inhibit normal hair growth.
This is what I have summarised from my research on hair loss. If you have any other methods you read about, please post a comment. Thanks!

Singapore Hair Loss Cures

In the most recent post, I was telling you readers that I would be be buying the Nizoral shampoo to cure my oily scalp but I just stopped short of buying it as the pharmacist introduced me another shampoo called Stieprox shampoo which he said could be used to treat a larger number of conditons such as oily scalp.
Nizoral and Stieprox were shampoos I used in Aug 2006, prescribed to me by a well-known hair loss expert in Singapore upon the onset of my hairloss. Please read my earliest posts on my experiences. She said it was not hair loss, but I think she should have retracted her judgement if she is to study my scalp now!
When I used these 2 shampoos 3 years back, my hair loss persisted but I thought it might be still due to the effect of laser. But now as my hair gradually thinned, I realised my hair loss was not a temporary effect of laser or medicine, it is a protracted and worst, a sign that will not fade away until my head goes BALD!
Well among the two when I used in 20o6, Stieprox delivered a cleaner wash. Nizoral as one of the readers of my blog has mentioned, and in line with what the pharmacists have told me, it is used to treat scalp fungus infection. But I read in the internet that Nizoral can cure baldness too, with its effect on par with Minoxidil, surprising right?
Anyway, this is my routine to share with readers now and if you have followed closely with Singapore Hair Loss Support Group, you will now know that I am advocating the following maxim: "To cure a balding scalp is to cure an oily scalp".
Thus I practise the following regimen these days. Twice or thrice a week, I will wash my hair with Stieprox to wash off all dirt and oil. On other days, I will wash with Kanz hairloss shampoo to activate and promote hair growth. I do not now put any hair tonic on my hair now and I ensure my hair is dried up before I go to bed.
I did try scalp massage before but it does not work.
Will update you readers on my progress here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nizoral Shampoos

In my earlier posts, I have written about the difficulty of finding a shampoo which could cure hair loss and as well as preventing oily scalp. Well that is one shampoo which may have slipped my mind then: Nizoral shampoo is a shampoo which is reputed to cure hair loss as well as prevent dandruff.
I have used Nizoral shampoo before the other time, though to me at that time, my hair loss still persist, probably still due to the side effect of laser but I could say that Nizoral really delivers a clean solution to my dandruff solutions!

We could use Nizoral shampoo twice per week, interspersed with a regular shampoo: this should have some results over sometime. I think I am going to buy Nizoral shampoo soon to be used in conjunction with Kanz shampoo.

Hair treatment centres like Bee Choo work partly by removing the oil from the scalp. When the scalp is free of oil, less hair fall. Thus I always find myself experiencing more hair loss as more days passed after the last Bee Choo treatment.

Thus the real cure of a balding scalp may be to cure an oily scalp!

Hence I believe I would be reverting to Nizoral to rid of oil and dandruff, say twice per week and on other days use Kanz hair nourishing shampoo. I hope that the Nizoral shampoo will rid my scalp of impurities so that the nutrients of Kanz shampoo would better penetrate into the scalp, resulting in a much lesser hairfall.

I think I would be experimenting on this as now my scalp, after 3 weeks of not going to Bee Choo Hair, is now super oily!

Hair Loss

As my hair loss continued, I realized my hair has indeed collapsed and has become much finer. These days, I am no longer able to part my hair as it would reveal more and more scalp flesh.

Beside the overall general thinning of my hair, my balding has for the first time starts to reveal a balding patch at the top of my head. This bald patch has spread out more and more over the past few months and it is indeed worrying as if the trend continues, coupled with the general thinning of my hair, I will be bald in no time to come.

Every shampooing, I will see about twenty strands at the sink of the bathroom, upon waking up, I will see dozens of hair on my pillow and on the floor (blown by the fan to the floor).

Over the past years, I have been trying many shampoos but have yet to find one, which could reduce the number of hairfall. Many shampoos are touted to be very good in combating hair loss but after I bought and used them, I was very disappointed as it is a waste of money trying to jump from one brand to another.

In my latest combat against hair loss, I have bought Kanz Keratin shampoo in a bid to grow more hair as the shampoo was touted to. But I was again sad as it proved not effective at all.

My hair loss began in June 2006 after I did a laser therapy in a popular laser treatment centre. Initially I thought my hair loss was a temporary side effect of the laser therapy but was sad that the hair loss dragged on and on till today!

Hair loss has indeed wrecked heavy psychological damage to my esteem. There seems to me no cure for hair loss.

I have heard the many horror stories of the hair treatment centres in Singapore, tried the many popular anti hairfall shampoos and lotions but all were just a waste of money.

Even Bee Choo herbal treatment centres does not really improve my hair as I have been still dropping lots of hair everyday.

But amidst all of these unfortunate expenditures on products which could not deliver, I realized that in order to cure hair loss, one should not buy a hairloss control product like shampoo if his scalp is oily. Such hairloss shampoos could not eliminate the oil on our scalp flesh and although they may have hair growth properties, through the use of these products, your scalp will still be oily and hairloss would still persist.

I believe to cure hair loss, one should start by curing the scalp of the oil.

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