Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair Loss reduction and prevention: do not give up

I have been having hair loss for close to 6 years. My hair has visibly thinned but it still looks pretty decent to some person who has not seen me more than 6 years ago. I believe that this comes about as a result of my determination to reduce my hair loss over these years.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 steps to Prevent and Reduce Hair Loss

1) Choose the right shampoo for your scalp type
2) Shampoo in the correct method
3) Practise scalp massage
4) Alternate shampoo if needed to control dandruff and reduce hair loss
5) Monitor your hair loss process
6) Stop a hair loss product or treatment immediately if it does not suit you

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Hair Loss Regime: alternate hair loss shampoos and hair loss scalp massage

I believe all hair loss sufferers should adopt a hair loss regime to keep track of what works and what do not work for him or her. By this, I mean  the hair loss sufferer should assess whether the hair loss shampoo, hair loss product or even hair loss treatment he undergoes is really suitable for him.

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