Sunday, August 30, 2009

Female Hair Loss treatments:Tricomin Therapy Spray

Today, I would like to share about Tricomin Therapy Spray for women with thinning hair or balding problems.
Tricomin shortens the resting phase of the scalp follicles, stimulating more hair growth via the clinically-tested Triamino Copper.
For women with balding problems, you may try this solution.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair Loss

To understand hair loss, think of your scalp as consisting of thouands of hair follicles. Each normal hair follicle houses 3 or 4 strands of hair.
With balding, the hair follicle shrinks, so that the number of hair strands that are able to be accomodate become reduced to 1 or even zero! New strands of hair that grow become thinner in texture as compared to their predecessors. Eventually, the hair follicle will shrink until it becomes nothing more than just a bald piece of skin!
I have undergo scalp checks before at some trichologist centre and the scan that reveals my hair condition attest to that described above as explained by the trichologist.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hair Loss Treatment

(courtesy of The Straits Times)

With a myriad of hair loss treatments on the market, it can be mind boggling to choose a particular product or treatment which is most suited to one's needs.

Before you start to consider a good hair loss treatment or regime, it will be good to first understand the condition of your scalp: whether you have a dry, normal or oil scalp and then do the necessary.

I was shocked at the photo I saw in the newspapers lately: a China woman has hair which was strong enough to pull a heavy car for metres! It was incredile and it showed how strong her hair was!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hennai and Hot oil scalp massage for hair loss

One of the techniques used to combat hair loss is hot oil scalp massage, which may be more popular among the Indian community in Singapore. Hennai is another kind of scalp massage used by Indians to promote healthy hair!

In this kind of scalp massage, hot oils such as almond, olive and coconut oil are applied to one’s scalp before the scalp is massaged. Finally after the massage and a length of time, the scalp is washed off these oils.

Personally, I have not really experienced these kinds of scalp massages though I have, in the past, carried out scalp massage (minus the oil) myself.

Now I am really hesitant to apply any chemicals, natural or artificial to my scalp as who knows, these chemicals may irritate the scalp skin further!

I am advocating natural ways to cure hair loss via nutrition, the right shampoo and the right natural techniques! I learnt of the many natural techniques to cure hair loss via the E-book I have purchased (see post on 12 Jun 09) and have seen great improvements!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair Treatment Cures

There is an increasing number of hair loss treatment ads in the newspapers these days, promising results for all hair loss sufferers. The prices of these treatment centres have generally gone down, in response to the global economic meltdown when everyone is tightening their wallets and belts. Well, I would like to encourage all of you, hair loss sufferers to take opportunity of this opportunity of reduced hair treatment prices! We often heard that many of the hair loss victims do not see the results as promised by these centres, if you have been suffering from hair loss, this may be the good time to get a hair treatment at such reduced prices to see for yourself whether it works! For B101, the last I know of is a $18 treatment price but for Bee Choo, the price still remains. For your consideration and I wish you all the Best in your hair loss treatments!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hair Loss

There is now a worrying trend among Singaporeans: the thinning and receding hairline problem which besets many Singaporeans, at any increasing young age!
This problem is unprecedented before. just recall back many years ago, do we have so many people balding and hair thinning? The answer is no.

Some people attribute this problem to stress, diet in our country, others attribute this to the gamut of hair styling products, appealing to the increasing vanity of man, one people I even heard of said it might have to do with some new food or drink products that we partake!

Anyway, the best treatment in hair loss is prevention, however if that fails, the next best treatment would be mitigation (reduction of the hair loss) and if that fails, the ultimate step would be recreation (hair transplant).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hair Loss Treatments

If you are thinking to do some free hair loss treatments, one of the things I would like to recommend you would be to do some scalp massage!

Scalp massage helps to replenish the blood flow in your scalp. With an increased blood flow in your scalp, your follicles will get all the proper nutrients and blood flow for them to start functioning!

You can give this technique a try!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop Hair Loss

If you are searching for that elusive cure to stop hair loss, you have come to the right place for advice for being a genuine hair loss sufferer myself, I can share with you my experiences of stopping hair loss.

Sorry to disappoint you, if you are thinking that there is a cure for hair loss, I would say there is not really a cure. What I will say is that there will exist one out of the myriads of treatments on the market that work for you. I hopped from one product to another, wasting time and money with not much improvements in sight till I found some treatments that minimize my hair loss drop: I saw improvements at last.

Well, my secrets lie in having two shampoos: one basic shampoo and the other is a harsher dandruff shampoo, both of which I used alternatively. Besides that, I practise the methods taught in the E-book I purchased (see my post on 18 Jun 09) and despites some doubts at internet books on whether they are scams, I experienced positive growth which continues till today! Some of my readers also experienced growth after using the tips contained in other E-books. You can find these and the E-book I used on the left side of this blog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Causes of Hair Loss

Though there exists on the Internet a myriad of explanations of causes for hair losses, broadly speaking I could just classify the causes of hair loss into two categories: 1) internal causes 2) external causes

Internal causes of hair loss stem from the body of the individual hair loss sufferer. Such causes could be due to the biological changes the sufferer experiences. Male pattern baldness is one type of baldness caused by the internal factors when the DHT levels in the sufferer’s body build up and attack the hair follicles.

External causes of hair loss stem from the environment surrounding the hair loss sufferer. Some forms of external causes of hair loss is the stress from workplace and using heavy chemicals on one’s hair.

However, we must note that the causes of hair loss can be contributed by both internal and external factors. For example, when one has a stressful and hectic lifestyle, he may have improper diet and insufficient exercise; as a result his internal body starts to break down: thus the external cause of hair loss leads to the internal cause as well, and both then contribute to hair loss.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thinning Hair

With my hair thinner than before, these days, it is painful when I am outside and experience a sudden gust of wind or a series of strong breezes. With a thinning crown of hair, the wind will tug at my remaining hair and pulls at the follicles! It is so painful and I have to orientate myself to another direction, facing the wind where this impact is less strong. I believe all hair sufferers would have suffered the same painful feeling as I.

Hair Growth

It is a natural cycle hair grows and hair falls. When the number of hair fallen is greater than the number of hair growing, we have the hair thinning and balding problem, an increasing seen problem these days. Balding or thinning hair takes place when the hair follicles start to die: without the seed of hair, growth of hair is impossible!

If you are suffering from thinning hair and balding, and wish to grow more hair; my first advice to you is to stop all external aggressors to your hair. STOP subjecting your hair to the myriads of hair treatments these days: hair dyeing, hair waxing, heavy blowing, and gelling. Give yourself a pat on the back for you have at least remove the obstacle to dropping more hair (does not mean once you stop these treatments, your hair will grow).

The second stage is hair growth. This is a more difficult stage. You can read up on my posts in the blog on the ways to achieve hair growth.

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