Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hair Loss shampoo by countries

We are seeing more hair loss shampoos from other countries being sold here in Singapore, e.g:

a) China: Ba Wang, Royal Wind
b) Spain: Natural Vita shampoo
c) France: Rene Furterer
d) Germany: Alpecin caffine shampoo
e) Finland: System 4

There are many more that I have not listed.


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Saturday, November 17, 2012

System 4 shampoo: my experience of use

I have been using System 4 hair loss shampoo since Monday, so far so good! But it is now still a bit early to let you know whether this System 4 shampoo really works to combat hair loss. Stay tuned to Singapore Hair Loss Support Blog for further updates.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

System 4 Bio Botanical Hair Loss Shampoo

I am now using System 4 Bio Botanical Hair Loss Shampoo, I just bought the shampoo recently after a hair loss shampoo which I have been using, without much positive effect, ran out.

System 4 Bio Botanical Hair Loss Shampoo is a product from Finland (the company is Sim Sensitive) which retails at Beauty Language stores at $25. The shampoo's description says that this System 4 Bio Botanical shampoo stimulates hair growth and helps prevent premature hair loss.

The ingredients of this hair loss shampoo are mainly botanical extracts though I am happy to see Salicylic acid being featured as an ingredient too as I believe Salicylic acid has some properties to promote hair growth.

I will not say whether System 4 Bio Botanical Hair Loss Shampoo works for me or not as it is now too early to tell. If you want to know, stay tuned to my blog.

Meanwhile, do keep reading my other blog posts as I believe you will reap some good advice on how to prevent and treat hair loss!

Singapore Hair Loss is Back

Singapore Hair Loss Support Group is Back! Hello everyone, I am Tom. It has really been a long time since I diligently blogged about my hair loss condition and share with all of you readers about hair loss, my experience of hair loss and so much more!

Since I started out this hair loss blog, I have been experiencing real good traffic as I think it is due to the fact that many Singaporeans, young and old are experiencing hair loss, hence the popularity of my blog.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I will be sharing how to have Thicker Hair with you readers. So stay tuned to the Best Singapore Hair Loss Blog!


SINGAPORE HAIR LOSS SUPPORT GROUP is back. This time round, stay tuned for more of my personal sharing about HAIR LOSS coming your way! Wish all of us have Thicker Hair!

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