Saturday, December 20, 2008

Balding Woes

This morning, I woke up as usual to find tons of hairs over my pillow and on the floor!
I am always sad, seems that everything I do to stem the hair loss, comes to a nought.
Like time, I can now comb my hair to make it neater. Nowadays, without much combing, my hair will always look neat as there is really much less hair already.
I could have very nice side-parting with still lots of hair as support in the past. Now I could not do much side-parting as the flesh of the scalp will show... the balding areas.
Thus if you are observant enough, as people bald, they change the parting of their hair from middle, to side and then as the balding spots grow, more and more to the side towards the ears!
I have observed Actor Qi Yu Wu's hair getting thinner and thinner.. I have observd his hair and thought that he is starting to bald. One see his appearance as quite clean-shaven in the little nonya.... is it to hide his balding problem or just to protray his role in the serial drama?
Similarly, I have also observed male artistes like Bryan Wong and Tay Ping Hui hair getting thinner and thinner and so much so that their hair is now without much style, dye or other fanfare sculpting.
Artistes are also humans, and they are equally prone to balding. Worse, as required by their roles or to protray a image, their hair goes through even more dying, styling and hairwork, treatments which are not good for the hair.

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