Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair loss Singapore

Hair loss is a problem faced by more and more Singaporeans, especially the younger ones. Now if one goes out to street, one would be ‘inundated’ with many balding and thinning heads and scalps.

Usually, men look at pretty ladies when out on the streets. These days, men can look at the balding and thinning crowns and scalp of other men and women. I have thinning crown too, and these days I look at the balding and thinning crowns of others while my balding and thinning scalp is also being looked at by others.

There are a dozens of ‘patterns’ of hair loss as seen from different heads. These hair loss patterns are like clouds, which varies in terms of size and depth. Some hair loss are like ‘earth’ (total balding), ‘ozone layer’ (a hole surrounded by other hair) ,‘lizard’ (a narrow strip of hair loss), ‘cobweb’ and many more. So watch out for all these on your next outing!

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